STEM Starter Academy

What is the STEM Starter Academy?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is dedicated to investment in STEM research, education, and job and workforce development in light of the local and national need for increases in the number of people completing education and training needed to meet workforce demands.

Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) has developed the STEM Starter Academy as a response to these themes.  The STEM Starter Academy at STCC has the following objectives:

Increased student awareness of and access to STEM programs of study and career opportunities
Enhanced student readiness for and recruiting into STEM pathway programs
Improved student retention based on academic success and overcoming life barriers
Increased awarding of certificates or degrees and entry into pathways to STEM jobs or transfer to four-year STEM academic programs
STEM stands for
Engineering, and

As our nation becomes more dependent on science and technology, a STEM education enhances an individual’s ability to obtain and maintain a successful career. The STEM Starter Academy is a wonderful opportunity for students to explore various STEM fields in order to gain a better understanding of what is available to them and how a STEM education can benefit them and suit their needs. -Dr. Adrienne Smith, Dean of the School of Engineering Technologies and Mathematics

The STEM Starter Academy provides students with a jump start to their college education, and opens their eyes to all of the fascinating and growing disciplines within STEM. Students receive constant support and coaching during our challenging summer program, and we continue to mentor our students throughout their academic career at STCC, ensuring their continued success! -Dr. Samantha Cote, Coordinator of the STEM Starter Academy