Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

Massachusetts public higher education is a system with a distinguished past, increasing and measurable accomplishments, and dedicated to being recognized as having one of the nation's most outstanding array of institutions. It comprises 15 community colleges, nine state colleges, and five campuses of the University of Massachusetts. The system exists to provide accessible, affordable, relevant, and rigorous programs that adapt to meet changing individual and societal needs for education and employment. The public system is committed to continuous improvement and accountability in all aspects of teaching and learning. The Department of Higher Education, together with each respective Board of Trustees, expects all students, faculty, and staff to be held to exacting standards in the performance of their roles and responsibilities.

The mission of the Department of Higher Education is to ensure that Massachusetts residents have the opportunity to benefit from a higher education that enriches their lives and advances their contributions to the civic life, economic development, and social progress of the Commonwealth. To that end, the programs and services of Massachusetts higher education must meet standards of quality commensurate with the benefits it promises and must be truly accessible to the people of the Commonwealth in all their diversity.

Board Members

  • Charles F. Desmond  - Chairman
  • Kate Quigley - State College Student Representative
  • Mary-Elizabeth Beach
  • Paul S. Reville - Ex Officio
  • Mario Borunda
  • Louis Ricciardi - State College Representative
  • Jeanne-Marie Boylan - Community College Representative
  • Henry Thomas III - University of Massachusetts Representative
  • James Coyle - Non-Voting Student Advisors
  • C. Bernard Fulp
  • Nicholas Medico - Community College Student Representative
  • Nancy Harrington
  • Nancy Hoffman
  • Lindsay McCluskey
  • Nancy Hoffman - University of Massachusetts Student Representative