Our Video Presentation

The following transcript presents the sound bites from alumni, current students, and business leaders featured in our video presentation. You can view the video by clicking the link above.

"I had a goal ever since I was young. I wanted to be a medical doctor, especially a pediatrician".

"Mechanical Engineering Technology".

"I want to be a parole officer".

"I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be a nurse".

"I wanted to get computer friendly".

"Things worked out very well. I've been working for the State Department of Mental Health since 1988".

"Such a great opportunity for people to come into those doors and they can walk out of them either being retrained or have their skills refined and have a whole new career ahead of them".

Jack O'Neill (Narrator)
"STCC is a vital component of the region's economy. 83% of our graduates choose to build their careers in the Greater Springfield area. These are the people who will add to and expand our economy".

Darlene Libiszewski, Vice President /Technology Project Management/Bank America
"You're getting a really broad educational experience. It's not just what you read in black and white in the text. It's also applying it in a real day world which I think is a huge, huge, huge advantage".

Brian Howes, STCC student, Mechanical Engineering Technology
"I went to a big university but you have to come back to a small school like this to learn how to do real world manufacturing".

Jose Tosado, Area Director, State Department of Mental Health
"An institution like STCC is reasonable in terms of its tuition cost. Without financial assistance it can make the difference between someone being able to come to school and being able to stay in school."

Jack O'Neill
"There is optimism about Springfield and the region and STCC will be ready as it always has!"

Technology is a very cyclical field. It is imperative that if you're in this field you have an opportunity to stay in touch with how things evolve".

"You need to make sure that higher education is accessible, affordable and it's equipped with the kind of technology, the kind of equipment, that's needed in today's life".

Jack O'Neill
We all share a common vision for the future. We are all committed to the region. And STCC will continue to be an integral part of workforce development.

Education really is what makes a difference in terms of someone being a productive citizen and having a quality of life. It really does pay off".

It's a great benefit and asset to the businesses in this area. There are great candidates that come out of that school. They are pretty much local people that choose to remain in the local area with their families.

Jack O'Neill
Today they're our students. Tomorrow they will be key employees.