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Support Our Graduates

It is STCC's commitment to support all of our alumni in their future endeavors, whether it is continuing on to a four-year school or entering the business world. The alumni association will provide forums for discussion with the Department of Cooperative Education and Career Services to help graduates make that next step. Alumni of the College can always expect to receive assistance from STCC when they make the decision to continue their education.

Facilitate Career Networking for Students and Alumni

Cooperative Education/Career Services and Transfer Affairs office provides free services through the new Career Net website providing alumni with a site to view a large number of employment opportunities.  By registering at the site below, it will give our alumni the following opportunities:

  • Review listings of employers with job openings 24/7
  • Participate in career/transfer events
  • Schedule on campus job interviews
  • Upload multiple resumes, cover letters and other employment related documents
  • Access an on-line career resource library

To get started go to:

Please do not hesitate to contact Cooperative Education/Career Services and Transfer Affairs office to learn about the opportunities for alumni at (413) 755-4464 or

Award Scholarships

Every year the alumni association will distribute scholarships to several deserving students. These students may use their scholarships here at the College.

Honor Our Alumni's Achievements

Another yearly responsibility of the association is to elect the Distinguished Alumni of the year. This award is presented at Commencement to a person or persons who have performed well in every aspect of their life. Also, the Alumni Association in partnership with the college Academic Departments recognize the excellence of our most prestigious STCC graduates, faculty and staff for their professional achievements, contributions to society and support of the college every spring at a Reunion and Recognition event. See our Awards page for a full listing of Distinguished Alumni Awards and Outstanding Alumni Association Honorees.

Elect the Alumni Trustee

It is the alumni association's responsibility to select a graduate as the Alumni Trustee. The graduate will then serve as a member of the STCC Board of Trustees for a five-year term.

Plan Social Events

The alumni association will put on a number of different events throughout the year to engage its graduates, as well as the current students at STCC. We work to collaborate with the community. This past year we have held numerous bus trips to different shows throughout the state, such as The Color Purple at UMass Amherst, and had STCC Night at the Armor. We encourage all new ideas and suggestions.

What You Can Do

You become a member of the association as soon as you graduate from STCC. The STCC alumni association has been created to promote the welfare of STCC and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the College and its alumni.
Become an active member.
STAY CONNECTED! Keep your contact information up to date so we can stay in touch! Contact our office or fill out the Update Your Info Form. By having your contact information up to date, you can receive our monthly Alumni Association eNewsletter with the latest alumni news, events, and campus information.