College Now (Dual Enrollment Program) Questions and Answers

What is College Now?
College Now is a dual enrollment program that allows high school students to enroll in one STCC course per semester free of charge. Students who begin their junior year can take up to eight free courses! Courses may be taken to fulfill high school graduation requirements or to pursue an academic interest.
What are the rules of the program?
  • College Now students are subject to the College s policies and procedures.
  • Students must meet all course prerequisite requirements. Placement tests may be required for certain courses and must be taken prior to registration.
  • Online, developmental/remedial, ESL, and non-credit courses cannot be taken.
  • Students are responsible for the cost of textbooks and any course materials.
Do I have to provide my own transportation to STCC?
Yes, you must provide your own transportation. Information on how to obtain a free parking decal or a free PVTA bus pass is available here:
Am I responsible for textbook and course material fees?
Yes, College Now students are responsible for any textbook and/or course material fees.
Can College Now students receive federal financial aid?
College Now students are not eligible for federal financial aid. Federal financial aid guidelines require that all financial aid applicants have graduated from high school (or have earned their GED/HiSET) and be admitted into a degree program in order to be eligible for federal financial aid.
Can a participant take more than one course?
Students can only take one free course per semester. If a student registers for an additional course, (s)he will be required to pay for that additional course.
What if I haven't met the placement test requirements for my course?
You cannot take a course until the prerequisite requirements are met. Your guidance counselor can assist you in choosing another course that does not have a placement test requirement.
Can I transfer STCC courses to a different college once I graduate from high school?
It is highly recommended that you speak directly to the transfer college regarding their transfer policies. Most colleges have a minimum grade requirement for transfer courses.
How can I print my final STCC transcript?
You must request an official transcript from the Registrar s Office. More information regarding the transcript request form is available on the Registrar s website here:
Can I withdraw from a course?
Students who are not performing well academically may withdraw from the class to avoid having a poor grade on their transcript. A low GPA can affect a student’s future federal financial aid eligibility, so it is very important to withdraw from the course if the student believes he or she is in danger of failing. Please keep in mind that students must withdraw before the deadline date. Please contact the Registrar's Office at 413-755-4321 for more information.