Transfer Affairs

Students interested in transferring to four-year colleges should plan early in order to take courses or programs paralleling requirements at the college they plan to attend. College transfer representatives come to campus to meet with STCC students during both fall and spring semesters. Assistance, in the form of individual and group advisement, is available by contacting the Office of Cooperative Education / Career Services and Transfer Affairs. In addition, catalogs, applications, and other transfer resources are available in the Career and Transfer Resource Center.

Transfer services, resources and information include:

  • Transfer credit evaluations
  • Joint Admissions with area Private Colleges
  • MassTransfer and additional Transfer Agreements with the Massachusetts university system and most of the state colleges
  • Tuition Advantage Program information
  • Individual counseling
  • Transfer workshops
  • College fair information
  • On-campus college recruitment program
  • Numerous college catalogs, viewbooks, and applications
  • Scholarship information and more......

Graduation and Transfer Rates

Transfer Programs

The transfer programs are designed for students who plan to transfer to a senior college or university after completion of one or two years at STCC. The courses offered in these curricula are generally those required to provide a broad educational background before beginning specialization in a major field of study. A high quality of academic achievement, revealing seriousness of purpose and of sound habits of study, is the most important qualification for successful transfer.

Four primary transfer programs are offered at Springfield Technical Community College:

  1. General Business Transfer Compact
  2. Landscape Design and Management Technology, Transfer Compact
  3. Liberal Arts Transfer
  4. Liberal Arts/General Studies Transfer

Many students attending the College consider, at some point in their career, transferring to a four-year institution. It is possible to transfer in a variety of areas, although careful planning is required. Students should be in early and constant contact with the transfer director and their academic advisor so that their preparation for transferring is correct.

Transfer Information

What is the College's CEEB number?

Our College's CEEB number is 3791. Often, students need this number for their transfer applications.

What is a transferable major?

A transferable major is one that contains courses that easily transfer to other colleges. Example: The Liberal Arts Transfer major is fully accepted at the University of Massachusetts, Westfield State College, Smith College, and American International College to name a few.

Prospective transfer students can review and download the latest MassTransfer information and forms.

Massachusetts Public Colleges and Universities

Transfer Brochure
Transfer Brochure

Massachusetts Private Colleges

Springfield Technical Community College has individual transfer agreements with several private and public colleges. These agreements ensure graduates of corresponding STCC programs entrance on the Junior level. For more information, please contact the Transfer Office at 413-755-4464 or Academic Affairs at 413-755-4331.

Admissions Transfer Representatives

Transfer representatives from four-year colleges are welcome to call the Office of Cooperative Education/Career Services and Transfer Affairs to schedule a date and time to come to campus to set-up a table and talk with STCC students who are planning to continue their education after graduation. We are open Monday-Friday, from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at (413) 755-4464.