Diversity Council Members

Council members represent a diverse racial, ethnic, gender composition of individuals from all components of the College's administration, faculty and staff.

Diversity Council

  • Linda Belton
    Professor/Dept Chair, Health Information Technologies,
    Office Information Technologies,
    Geographical Information Technologies
  • Ray Blair
    Dean of Student Affairs
  • Fabienne Boisson
    Assistant Professor, Developmental English
  • Lori Bousquet
    Staff Assistant, Student & Multicultural Affairs
  • Kimberly Broderick
    Grants Development Specialist
  • Eric Brown
    Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Austin Burt
    Assistant Professor Biological Sciences  
  • Michelle Capdeville
    Director of Human Resources
  • Roosevelt Charles
    Director of Access & Student Success, Student Support Services 
  • Francene Clinton
    Assistant Director of Purchasing & Business Services
  • Kamari Collins
    Dean of Academic Advising & Student Success, Academic Advising
  • Louisa Davis-Freeman
    Dean of Admissions
  • Christine Deshais
    Administrative Assistant II, President's Office
  • Robert Dickerman
    Dean, School of Math, Science & Engineering
  • Melissa Dwelley
    Admissions Communication Specialist, Admissions
  • Anthony Guillory
    Assistant Professor, History
  • Vanessa Hill
    Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • George Kohout
    Director, Adult Education Center
  • Kris Kozuch
    Coordinator of Disability Services, Disability Services
  • Robert LePage
    Director, STCC Foundation & Alumni Services
  • James Lightfoot
    Academic Advisor, Academic Advising
  • Anne Mistivar-Payen
    Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Cleo Mavrelion
    Adjuct Faculty, World Languages/Spanish
  • Joan Nadeau
    Director, Employee Benefits & Operations Center
  • Nancy Pickett
    Associate Professor, Co-Department Chair,
    Developmental English
  • Arlene Rodriguez
    Dean, School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Jennifer Sanchez
    Vocation Education Career Counselor, Academic Advising
  • Sharon Sheng
    Assistant Professor, Engineering Transfer
  • Adrienne Smith
    Dean, School of Engineering Technologies
  • Myra Smith
    Vice President of Student and Multicultural Affairs
  • Vonetta Lightfoot
    Staff Assistant / International Student Affairs
  • Amy Stephenson
    Assistant Professor, Social Sciences
  • Joan Thomas
    Director of Marketing & Communications, Marketing & Communications
  • Kiyota Woods
    Academic Counselor, Academic Advising
  • Maria Zayas-Bonilla
    Academic Advisor, Academic Advising