President's Message


President's Charge to the Diversity Council

  • To be a leader in creating an inclusive organizational culture at STCC.
  • To monitor the college's progress in diversifying our faculty and staff with the goal that our employees' overall ethnicity and gender will be reflective of our students.
  • To educate others on campus about the values of mutual respect and inclusiveness.
  • To draft a diversity plan for the college with goals and timelines
  • To suggest actions and policies to the President that will advance the goals above.

STCC's Strategic Plan 2010 - 2014

The STCC Strategic Plan includes the following statement that reflects the College's mission, vision and values in support of STCC's Diversity Initiatives.

 Culture of Respect

We believe that if we practice respect then the culture of our institution improves. By creating such an environment we realize the potential of our talented, diverse campus community. Each one of us has a wealth of experience and a distinctive cultural background.
Within this rich, vibrant community different voices amplify one another in a chorus of teaching and learning. To support this climate we:

  • welcome all to join in the learning, listening, discussions and teaching supported by our institution
  • strive to understand, accept and appreciate ourselves and the different perspectives and experiences of others
  • offer friendship without bias
  • utilize thoughtful behavior by expressing one's individuality without malice
  • serve as role models to others

By applying these strategies in our daily interactions we create a safe, comfortable environment in which all can flourish. Each member of our campus community has the opportunity to shine, and to put forth the best that each of us has to offer without fear of ridicule or exclusion. Students have the freedom to explore ideas and opportunities, to concentrate on their studies and to interact in constructive ways. Lifelong relationships are fostered, extending well beyond the campus grounds. STCC continues to grow as a
center of diversity and excellence within the region.

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