Mission Statement

Diversity Matters Logo

The mission of the Diversity Council is to ensure that everyone at STCC has a voice.

  • The STCC Diversity Council is composed of employees who represent all facets of the college community who are dedicated and committed to the importance of Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Each Council member will serve as a leader who believes in, is passionate about and is willing to demonstrate their commitment to Diversity and Inclusion by working towards incorporating these concepts into every aspect of the mission and strategic planning of the institution.
  • Each Council member will participate in their own self-journey related to Diversity and Inclusion which will be beneficial to themselves and the College.
  • Each Council member will be diligent about being able to understand and articulate the diversity mission.
  • Each Council member will serve as leaders both on campus and in the community to share the importance of the Colleges' Diversity initiative.  Council members will work to be sure that there is Inclusion and Diversity in all the College's operations.
  • Diversity Council members will be the eyes and ears of the campus in ensuring that all interactions of the STCC Community members exhibit mutual respect, integrity, inclusivity, sensitivity, fairness, dignity and trust of an individual's: race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual preference, nationalities and religious preferences.
  • Diversity Council members will work to provide education and support to faculty, staff and students to ensure proficiency in the understanding of Diversity and Inclusion learning.
  • The Diversity Council members recognize that diversity is an on-going initiative with long-term success which will require that Council members be creative in their planning to work to ensure that Diversity and Inclusion is sustainable and becomes the norm for the institution.
  • The Diversity Council members will be sure that everyone at the STCC table has a voice!