STCC Diversity Initiatives - Pledge of Respect

The Springfield Technical Community College community is dedicated  to the advancement of respect and all that respect entails. These things  include self respect, respect of others, respect of opinions and also the respect of knowing that each person is unique in his or her own way.  A culture of respect is very much required in order that we may see the results of honor, safety, equal rights, dignity; education being the key.

By choosing to be members of this community, we pledge our respect toward one another to be capable, plus willing to learn from one another. Please allow respect to spread throughout your minds and hearts;  In turn, this will come out of you and into our community.

As a member of Springfield Technical Community College, I pledge that:

  • I will respect the dignity and essential worth of all individuals.
  • I will respect the opinions and / or belief systems of others.
  • I will respect the privacy, property and freedom of others.
  • I will not tolerate bigotry, discrimination, violence or intimidation of any kind.
  • I will practice personal and academic integrity and expect it from others.
  • I will choose to express myself in ways of positivity.
  • I will promote the diversity of backgrounds, cultures and ideas which is the lifeblood of the campus.