Entrepreneurial Institute

Mission Statement: The Springfield Technical College Entrepreneurial Institute serves as an integral part of the College by reaching into the community to increase the stream of new entrepreneurs who can grow and develop new companies. The Institute provides "one stop" entrepreneurship education for student entrepreneurs who seek business start-up or growth knowledge and information.

About the Entrepreneurial Institute

The Entrepreneurial Institute is located in the School of Business and Information Technologies at STCC.

The Entrepreneurial Institute is a leader in student entrepreneurship education and business incubation at all ages. It focuses on all aspects of entrepreneurship education, ranging from a two- year associate degree to the K-8 elementary entrepreneur programs and student business incubation. The Institute offers education programs to K-12 educators interested in teaching entrepreneurship education.

The Entrepreneurial Institute runs the YES! (Young Entrepreneurial Scholars) program for high schools throughout the region, the Entrepreneur for a Day program for elementary and middle school entrepreneurs, the E.Y.E. (Excellence in Youth Entrepreneurship) program for under served  youth in an outside of school program and the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts Student Business Incubator as part of student business incubation.

A one-stop center for entrepreneurship education for over 2,000 individuals each year, the Entrepreneurial Institute serves as a coalescing force in the development and delivery of entrepreneurship education across the spectrum of present and future entrepreneurs. To date, over 16,000 students have participated in the Entrepreneurial Institute's programs.

History of the Entrepreneurial Institute at STCC

The Entrepreneurial Institute at STCC was started in 1996 to meet the growing demand for entrepreneurial education.

Dr. Stephen Spinelli, Jr., co-founder of Jiffy Lube International and executive director for the Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Babson College, has served as a consultant in STCC's entrepreneurial programs since the Institute's inception. He is committed to the importance of providing support and assistance to enterprising entrepreneurs. "Only 18% of new small businesses succeed. Those aren't good odds. We should help the other 82% who need knowledge and guidance to make it as a successful entrepreneur."

The Entrepreneurial Institute has grown dramatically since its start and is a testament to the importance of entrepreneurship education at all ages and educational levels.

Contact Information

Diane Sabato
Assistant Professor
Business Administration
Springfield Technical Community College
One Armory Square, Ste. 1
P.O. Box 9000
Springfield, MA 01102-9000