ESL - Day Program Description

The ESL Day Program consists of two levels of non-credit English instruction and two levels of intensive English language instruction. Level 3 and 4 classes meet in Building 13 for 3 hours every day for a total of 15 per week. Level 1 and 2 classes meet in building 13 for 6 hours a week, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Class size is capped at 22, which makes it possible for the professors to give more individualized attention to each student.

All of the ESL classrooms have wireless access to the Internet. Most of them also have a multi-media platform which is used to present part of the lesson content.

The Day Program Level 1 and Level 2 classes contain grammar, reading, writing, and conversation components and cover two semesters.  The Level 3 and 4 classes contain grammar, reading, and academic writing components and cover one semester.

There are 3 schedules.  See the Day Program Schedules page for the days and times that classes meet.