I. Policy

Provide permits for all work to the Facilities office PRIOR to commencing work. The integrity and safety of the telecommunications system, alarms, cameras, elevator, fire alarms and electrical wiring at STCC must be protected. This can only be accomplished by strict control over the wiring and facilities to prevent tampering or accidental damage.

It is therefore, the policy of STCC that existing telecommunications wiring, including electrical, voice, data, and video, as well as telecommunications facilities located in various buildings on campus may not be altered in any way except by written permission from the Senior Director of Facilities or designee.

II. Procedure for Wiring (Telecommunications and Computer)

  1. Existing telecommunications and/or Computer wiring and cables may not be altered by anyone except IT contractor, vendor or STCC Electrician with the permission from the Senior Director of Facilities or designee.
  2. STCC Senior Director of Facilities shall review and approve the telecommunications and computer wiring and electrical plans for new and existing buildings and projects on campus.
  3. Electrical Inspector shall inspect all telecommunications wiring in new and renovated buildings and projects to ensure proper installation.
  4. Any unauthorized wiring found in telecommunication and/or electrical spaces or campus buildings will be removed immediately.
  5. Any unauthorized wiring which interfaces with telecommunications, wiring or health and safety will be reported to Facilities Office for review. Working with the Information Technology Dept., if the wiring is found to be either a safety hazard, or not in conformance with applicable codes, or detrimental to the functioning of the telecommunications system, it shall be removed by the vendor authorized representative, at vendor/contractors expense.
  6. All telecommunication will be marked identifying their terminal ends and owner.

III. Telecommunications Manholes and Closets

  1. Any manholes or closets containing telecommunications conduit or electrical wiring shall be under the exclusive control of Senior Director of Facilities.
  2. No equipment or storage may be placed in these areas without Facilities knowledge and consent. All confined spaces regulations will be complied with for manhole applications including those persons entering the manholes.

IV. Electrical Wiring

  1. All electrical wiring will be installed and marked according to National, State and City codes. Only approved licensed and insured vendors/contractors will be approved for such work.
  2. Abandoned or discontinued electrical wiring will be properly removed and circuitry identified of such discontinuance.
  3. STCC will review and approve plans for additional wiring before the vendors/contractors performs work.
  4. Any unauthorized wiring will be removed at vendor/contractor/departments expense.

Summary of Policy and Procedure

  1. Permits for all wiring will be required. NO EXCEPTIONS
  2. Telecom or electrical wiring will NOT piggy back on other conduits, heating pipes, or fire suppression system.
  3. All telecommunication and electrical closets will be kept clear of all storage.
  4. All telecom and electrical wiring will be marked with project name and location name and demarcation points.
  5. All work will be completed with the approval of the Senior Director of Facilities or designee.
  6. All holes drilled through walls, ceilings and floors etc. will be fire stopped and labeled.
  7. All contractors must sign in at the Senior Director of Facilities or designees office on a daily basis.
  8. Hours for drilling or any other work that will create noise/vibrations during the academic year will only be allowed between 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. unless exceptions are made by the Senior Director of Facilities. Any work creating noise done outside those hours will be shut down by the Facilities office.
  9. Intervals of labeling of conduits and wiring will be left to the discretion of the Senior Director of Facilities or designee and wiring code, however a minimum of every 8-10 is required.
  10. Access to student and office spaces must be requested at least 72 hours in advance to the Senior Director of Facilities or designee
  11. No employees of STCC will run, pull, manipulate or extend power or fiber (electrical and computer, phone etc.) with the exception of the STCC Electrician.
  12. Any work on or to power or fiber in any of the College's buildings or grounds must be done by a Facilities Approved Vendor. Facilities REQUIRE Notification by all vendors working on any of the Colleges wiring or cabling, new or existing. Notification should include identifying the means and methods of routes. It expected that all wires and cables will be run according to State and Federal codes and laws without exception. Any work done that does not meet these requirements will be the responsibility of the contractor to correct.

    Requests should be submitted to Facilities at least 2 weeks prior to any work being done. In an emergency, the Senior Director of Facilities or designee should be contacted before any work is done.
  13. All IT departments (Applications, Infrastructure and Academic Computing) will coordinate vendor work with the Facilities Department. All bid documents (RFP, RFI etc.) will include these STCC Facilities policy, procedure, requirements and expectations.