Doreen McCarthy

Doreen MCCarthy
Erica Walch / Doreen McCarthy

Doreen McCarthy is continuing her education at STCC after having received both an Associate Degree at Greenfield Community College and a Bachelor of Science Degree from UMass Amherst. "I chose STCC because it offers the classes that I need in order to apply for a graduate program at Springfield College. All the courses that I'm taking at STCC are transferable. In addition, STCC's location is convenient to my home and work. I have been very happy with my experience and education at STCC. My professors are extremely knowledgeable. They not only teach well but they do so with enthusiasm and humor."

"I especially enjoyed my Italian class with Professor Erica Walch. She's inspired me to become a better communicator. Professor Walch encouraged students to help each other which in turn helped me to understand and articulate my thoughts. Currently I work in Administration at Baystate Medical Center. My short term goal is to continue taking classes at STCC that I need in order to apply for the Physician Assistant Graduate Program at Springfield College. My long-term goal is to graduate from Springfield College as a Certified Physician Assistant and obtain a position at a Magnet hospital in my field of choice immediately upon graduation. Improving my communication skills by taking classes in STCC's Foreign Languages Department will certainly benefit my interactions with future patients, their families and my colleagues."

For Professor Walch, Doreen's presence in her class benefited everyone. "Doreen was super-organized and came up with really good study/practice systems for learning Italian. In my classes I do a lot of group work, and because Doreen had created such structured ways of organizing information, I would pair her with struggling students. Sometimes this doesn't work out, but because Doreen also has such a gentle and patient manner, she was able to show students how she organized information and let them find ways that would work for them, too. She was a model student, and as a non-traditional student she had a lot going on outside of class, yet she was totally engaged in and out of class."

Doreen sees STCC as a valuable community resource for those continuing their education. "Everyone that I have encountered at STCC from students, to professors and staff, have been very helpful and friendly. My professors have been outstanding as far as personality, knowledge and ability to teach. All of these factors have contributed to making my experience at STCC exceptional!"