Sami Keats

Sami Keats
Mike Magala / Sami Keats

Like many students, Sami Keats' path to S.T.C.C. didn't follow a traditional high school to college model. "It wasn't until my mid-twenties that I saw the value of higher education when I began taking college classes while living in Oregon. After moving back east and supporting myself as a bookbinder, I decided to take classes at S.T.C.C. Initially, I was preparing for a career in the health field, but by the time I finished the prerequisites I had decided that what I really wanted to do was teach."

"My Economics Professor Michael Magala really played a role in inspiring me to pursue a career in teaching. He is such a dynamic teacher. Really fun to listen to in lecture and he makes you want to work hard. Professor Magala also shows genuine concern for his students' well being both in class and out and really appreciated feedback and suggestions on the course work."

Adds Professor Magala, "Sami is among the select best of students with whom I have been professionally associated with at STCC. She is an exceptional student with considerable potential in whatever field she may choose to pursue. Sami's strong sense of purpose and mature, responsible judgment will ensure her prospective success as a college professor."

Sami will continue her education this fall at Smith College in the prestigious Ada Comstock Scholars Program. "It feels like these last three years at STCC have all come to fruition. And I am so grateful for the support and encouragement of my professors and many of the administration staff members including President Rubenzahl who was as kind and welcoming of discussion about my studies and goals as any of my professors. Coming to STCC has profoundly changed my life."