Nelly Cruz  & Professor Sue Wyzik

Nelly Cruz

Nelly Cruz considers herself fortunate to have taken Professor Sue Wyzik's "Women in History" class. "Professor Wyzik's class was definitely one of my best experiences at STCC. Learning about women in different cultures and the political and personal issues they've faced really opened up my mind. Professor Wyzik has a gift for teaching. She puts a lot of thought into the textbooks she chooses for her students, guides them through the course work and is always available to answer questions one on one."

Professor Wyzik adds,"Nelly has a passion for learning. Besides being committed to her studies, she has played a major role in the STCC community as the Student Body President. Whether lobbying our legislature for educational funding or organizing student activities to celebrate diversity, Nelly brings a heartfelt compassion to everything she does. This is all in addition to being a wife and mother. There isn't anything she can't accomplish!"

Nelly's plans include continuing her Business Administration studies at Westfield State College, pursuing her interest in politics and eventually owning her own business as an "event planner". "At STCC, I was able to realize that I can do anything. I met many caring faculty and staff at STCC but professor Wyzik stood out, and is one that I will always admire and remember."