Check Out Why
Students Choose STCC

An STCC education is one grounded in reality, committed to excellence and compatible with the challenges and opportunities that you will face in the "real world." Take it from our students.

John Perella "What made a real difference for me at STCC is having professors who have all worked or are working in industry."

Meet John Perella & Professor Gary Masciadrelli
Gary Mansfield"STCC is one of the few colleges in the country that offers Laser Electro-Optics Technology as a major."

Meet Gary Mansfield and Professor Nicholas Massa
Sami Keats"Coming to STCC has profoundly changed my life!"

Meet Sami Keats and Professor Michael Magala.
Doreen McCarthy"I chose STCC because it offers the classes that I need in order to apply for a graduate program at Springfield College."

Meet Doreen McCarthy and Professor Erica Walch.
Olive Kavila-Fields"I took classes that would prepare me to transfer to a four-year college to pursue a degree in Sociology."

Meet Olive Kavila-Fields and Professor Linda Harrington.
Khambrel Wilson"I received the same education I'd get at a four year college but at half the cost."

Meet Khambrel Wilson and Professor David Charron
Nelly CruzAt STCC, I was able to realize that I can do anything.

Meet Nelly Cruz & Professor Sue Wyzick.
Vladimir TeleyuyevI can truly say from experience that the STCC faculty are fantastic!

Meet Vladimir Teleyuyev & Professor Zahi Haddad.
Marianne LaFordMy experiences at STCC, both academic and athletic, have prepared me to succeed in my career and in my life!

Meet Marianne LaFord.
Jamie Ruiz"Now that I've graduated I feel totally prepared for the medical field. My ultimate goal is to return to STCC to enter the Nursing program."

Meet Jamie Ruiz.
Patrice Gresham "What I like best about STCC is the relationships I've built with the students and the faculty. Everyone at STCC is really out to help one another!"

Meet Patrice Gresham.
Krzysztof Fikus "Professor Candido's industry experience helped me develop an "industry approach" to solving IT Security issues."

Meet Krzysztof Fikus & Professor Brian Candido.
Jeff Carreira"STCC has truly made my dream of achieving a college education come true!"

Meet Jeff Carreira.