STCC Grants Office - Grant Basics

What Is A Grant?

A grant is the transfer of money given for a specific purpose without the expectation of repayment from a foundation, corporation, association, or government entity.

Grants may be sought and used for a variety of purposes in keeping with the educational mission of the College, including but not limited to student recruitment and support services, curriculum design, student learning outcomes, pedagogical and discipline-specific research, workforce development, and equipment.

Why Pursue A Grant?

There are many reasons for faculty and staff to pursue grants including:

  • Funding for proposed activities and educational programming for which there is insufficient institutional funding available
  • The opportunity to enrich the academic life of the College's students
  • Professional enhancement - Grant funded projects can greatly increase the value of faculty and professional staff resumes and CVs
  • The chance for community college faculty to contribute to the body of knowledge in a particular field
  • The opportunity to explore the efficacy of new ideas and approaches to academic pedagogies and student services

Get Started!

The Grants Office at STCC provides faculty and staff with step-by-step assistance for grant proposal development. When you contact us, the first things we will want to know are:

  • What is your idea?
  • How does it benefit the students and/or College?
  • How much money are you seeking?
  • Do you have a particular funder in mind?
  • If yes, what is the deadline?

The services that the Grants Office can provide for faculty and staff on grant proposals includes help with:

  • Identifying potential funders and learning about their requirements
  • Formulating a strategy for approaching each funder
  • Determining if you have a fundable project
  • Understanding and developing proposal components, such as
    • Statements of Need
    • Goals, Objectives, and Activities
    • Budgets
    • Evaluation Plans

We have prepared related web pages to help you think through the steps of getting a grant:

All grant proposals MUST be submitted through the Grants Office. The Grants Office is here to help you prepare and submit your proposal. However, if you choose to prepare a proposal on your own, the Grants Office requires a lead time of five business days to review all proposal documents in order to ensure that all of the required approvals (including all budget requirements) are processed prior to submission and that all proposals are compliant with the funders and Colleges rules and requirements. No grant may be submitted by a faculty or staff member from the College without the approval of the Grants Office.

Please click here for more information about Institutional Requirements for Grantseeking.