Is it a Good Match?
Questions to Ask When Researching Funders

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These questions are designed in particular to use with the Foundation Center's Foundation Directory Online. It is also recommended that you visit particular funder websites to learn more

Starting with the Grantmaker

  • Does this grantmaker fund in my geographic area?
  • Does it fund my type of organization?
  • What does it say it is interested in funding?
  • Does this correspond in topic to my project or organization?
  • Does it correspond in method to my project or organization's approach?
  • What limitations are there?
  • What is the amount of total giving?
  • For how many grants?
  • What is the range of grant amounts?
  • What is the average size grant?
  • Are there funding cycles or deadlines? If not, how often does the board meet?
  • What is the preferred mode of applying? How do they like to be contacted?
  • Are there any special instructions?
  • What materials can I request?
  • Does the grantmaker have a website with more information?
  • What is the staffing arrangement? How are they structured?
  • Are there program officers named?
  • Who are the trustees?
  • What is my organization's history with this grantmaker?
    • past grants received: when, for how much, to do what?
    • past proposals rejected
    • other contact

Starting with Grants Made

  • Does the grantmaker I've chosen demonstrate that it funds what it says it does?
  • What size grants does it make?
  • Is it funding a lot of organizations like mine?
  • Is it funding a lot of activities like my project?
  • From where are organizations like mine getting their funding?