STCC Grants Office - President's Grantmaster and Grantseeker Awards

The President's Grantmaster Award is a $500 cash award given to faculty and staff who have successfully completed and submitted grant proposals to an external funder and who have been successful in the College receiving multiple grants.' The purpose of the President's Grantmaster Award is to acknowledge STCC's grant stars who contribute to STCC's reputation and resources through their repeated successes and who serve as mentors and role models for novice grantseekers at STCC.

The President's Grantseeker Award is a $500 cash award given to faculty and staff who work with the Grants Office to successfully complete and submit a grant proposal to an external funder.' The President's Grantseeker Awards is not based upon receiving a grant.' This award is intended to recognize dedicated effort by faculty and staff which results in a successful grant proposal submission.' The purpose of the President's Grantseeker Award is twofold: '1) to establish a campus grantseeking culture by encouraging faculty and staff pursuit of external grants, and 2) to help faculty and staff overcome trepidation about the grantseeking process. By doing this we hope to have greater campus participation in proposal submission.' This is important because it:

  • increases college resources for teaching, research, and student services
  • increases STCC visibility, which may attract other support
  • provides a resume enhancer for faculty and staff

Eligibility Requirements for the President's Grantseeker Award:

  1. Any STCC employee who has not submitted a grant proposal in the current fiscal year is eligible, as long as the applicant is not currently receiving a salary through a grant and the proposed project is not a renewal of an existing project.
  2. Project activities should be related to the College's mission and goals.
  3. The proposed project must be such that a grant proposal will have a strong-to-reasonable chance of being funded from external sources.
  4. The grant applicant must work with the Grants Office and contribute significantly to proposal design, writing, preparation, and submission.' But the grant applicant does not have to receive a grant to be eligible!

Award Details:

Up to ten awards at $500 each will be given each fiscal year, to be used as the recipient wishes. There is no application process; awards are determined by the Grants Office.