Great Ideas at STCC

In the Spring of 2011 Springfield Technical Community College initiated a process for identifying problems, opportunities and ideas with the goal of continually challenging ourselves to deliver to our students the world class service they deserve.  "Great Ideas at STCC" was born after consulting with Dr. Alan Robinson, co-author with Dean M Schroeder, of Ideas Are Free: How the Idea Revolution Is Liberating People and Transforming Organizations.

Great Ideas at STCC launched with a pilot process involving our Admissions, Financial Aid and Student Accounts Offices to overwhelmingly positive feedback from managers and staff.  A campus wide rollout is continuing and our goal is to have all administrative offices on board by 2012.  Organizations interested in learning more about Great Ideas at STCC are encouraged to contact our Steering Committee.  STCC is more than happy to share our success with you.  We are indebted to our community partner, Health New England, for the mentoring role they played in helping us develop Great Ideas at STCC.  We'd also like to thank Dr. Alan Robinson for his continued support and his belief that the idea sharing system transforming companies all over the world could play the same role in higher education.