STCC HR & EBOC - Part-time Employees


Wendy Authier  (413) 755-4428

Information for Part-Time employees:

Part-Time Employee Packet - Part-time Employee Packet.pdf  Completed packets should be returned to Wendy Authier.

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form - Employee is required to physically bring in the proof of identification to the Employee Benefits and Operations Center for the representative to sign-off and verify Employment Eligibility. Identification includes: Driver's License, School ID, Photo ID and either a Social Security card or Birth Certificate. A Passport is considered two forms of ID. All ID's must not be expired.

Direct Deposit - if you are making changes, the form should be returned to Joanne Leger in Payroll, Bldg. 16, Rm. 215 or you can go to Employee Self-Service and update your information online:  (

View Paycheck - Part-time Employees that suppress their paychecks can view them by going to Employee Self-Service online: (

W4 - if you are making changes, this form should be returned to Joanne Leger in Payroll, Bldg.16, Rm. 215