STCC HR & EBOC - Self Service Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Submission, Review and Approval

Supervisors should routinely discuss with their staff their expectations regarding regular schedules, the time of the meal and rest breaks, and the process for requesting and approving vacation and sick leave, etc. It is vitally important that there is clear communication between supervisors and staff as to the expectations regarding timekeeping, scheduling, attendance and leave. All college faculty and staff are expected to be familiar with and follow current college policies.

STCC's Full-time staff, except the Facilities and Campus Police departments, report time and attendance each week via the online time and attendance system (SSTA). To access your account, use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to navigate to and click on the Employee Self Service link.

To report and submit your time each week:

  1. Log in to your SSTA account and navigate to your online timesheet. It will be prepopulated with your regular work schedule.
  2. If you worked your scheduled hours, simply click Submit and your timesheet will become available for your supervisor to review and approve.
  3. Otherwise, to report any leave time taken that week, adjust your Regular hours accordingly and add rows as necessary for each different leave code (TRC). Please note: requests for time off must still be discussed directly with the supervisor prior to online timesheet submission.

Current leave balances can be viewed on the timesheet page and are accurate as of current entries.

You can resubmit your timesheet as many times as necessary before the deadline. If any adjustments are made to your timesheet after it has been approved, you must notify your supervisor right away so that it can be reapproved in a timely manner.

Employees are expected to report accurate records of their time and attendance. Supervisors are expected to review each timesheet for accuracy and to discuss any issues directly with the employee prior to approving the timesheet.

The deadlines for submission and approvals are:

  • Thursdays by 5pm
  • Fridays by Noon

respectively, unless earlier submission and approval is requested.

Your timesheet must be submitted for each week in order to be paid.

We ask that you do not go into the system the first Monday or Tuesday of the Pay Period to avoid any errors as the payroll is running at that time.

Acceptable TRC's:

  • SIC for Sick Leave
  • VAC for Vacation
  • PER for Personal
  • CMT for Comp Time taken (not to be used by NUP's)
  • WEA for a weather related school close
  • BRL for Bereavement (please see contract for details)
  • HLN for Holidays
  • JDP for Jury Duty (documentation of your attendance must be submitted to EBOC as soon as you receive it from the court)
  • PLC for Professional Development days (i.e. classes and seminars - please add a comment after submitting your timesheet stating what it was used for)

All other codes must be referred to EBOC for approval.

Direct Deposit and Viewing Your Paycheck

For all employees, the SSTA system has extended features to view/print your paycheck and update certain personal and payroll related information including direct deposit.

To log in the User ID will always be your 6 digit Employee ID (found on your pay advice). For first-time users the password will be your User ID plus the last four digits of your SSN. When you log in the first time you will be prompted to change your password and set security questions.

In the event that you need your password reset for SSTA, please contact the EBOC office at ext. 4428.

Job Aids and Online Learning Videos

Job Aids are available online. They provide click-by-click guidance for using Employee Self-Service. Online learning videos are available to assist employees who are new to self-service. The online learning videos provide an overview of system navigation and features. Visit Employee Self-Service Online Learning and Support Tools to review the job aids and videos.

Employee Support

Our Employee Benefits and Operations Center, along with our Payroll office, are your first point of contact for questions related to payroll and personal information and to assist you with password re-sets if necessary.

For Employee Self-Service questions, please contact us at ext. 4428.