STCC HR & EBOC - Ethics Statement

Springfield Technical Community College's commitment to excellence includes the protection of freedom to learn and to teach, the guarantee of equal educational opportunity for all, the mission of innovation in teaching and service, with an individual and collective commitment to core values. Under a common ethos we aspire to work collaboratively within these core principles to enable the college to accomplish its mission and serve the public interest with integrity.

The College expects the administration, the faculty, the staff and the students to exemplify, in their words and actions, the basic principles stated below, and to integrate them into the Institution's culture:

  • Honesty: Members of the College community will be guided in all their activities by a high regard for truth.
  • Respect: Members of the College community will show concern for the individuality of others and their ideas.
  • Justice: Members of the College community will treat others fairly.
  • Accountability: Members of the College community will be responsible stewards of the public trust.

To ensure success in living this code of moral values, our campus community must commit its full and best efforts to incorporating these principles into the fabric of the campus environment.  This will be best accomplished by creating a permanent committee within Shared Governance charged with the development, support and refinement of ongoing policies and procedures focused on fostering and embracing STCC's code of moral values.