International Students - Transcript Evaluation

Translation and evaluation of credits from outside the United States

Applicants with a high school transcript in a language other than English must submit a certified translation of their transcript. The translated document must clearly indicate that the student completed the equivalent of secondary school and when possible, a grade evaluation should be performed for each subject. Please know that all documents submitted to STCC that relate to admission or to transfer credits become property of the College and will not be returned.

This evaluation process is especially important for applicants seeking admission to a program that requires certain high school courses and grades as prerequisites. An evaluation of this nature must be done by a certified evaluation service - see list below.

For applicants who have attended college outside of the United State their transcripts need to be translated into English and they need to have their academic grades evaluated for grading equivalency by a certified service.  The evaluation should include a course title, credit or semester hours completed and the letter grade earned for each course. This is an important process as transfer credits can not be awarded nor can previous coursework be reviewed for admitting purposes without an evaluation.

Commonly used certified services for educational evaluation and translation in the United States are: North American Educational Group (NAEG) or 1-888-539-2804, Center for Educational Documentation (CED)  or 617-338-7171, or World Education Services (WES)   For translation needs only: University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Translation Center - or 413-545-2203.

All four services provide evaluation and/or translation of foreign documentation and require a fee. All fees associated with this process are the responsibility of the applicant. It is highly recommended that one of these options be used to ensure proper document evaluation and translation.