Datatel Information

Datatel's Colleague is the software package used for administrative tasks pertaining to students. The software supports the following offices: Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, Bursar, Business Office, Receiving, Institutional Research,  and student support offices. It is also used by the faculty for scheduling, grading and other tasks.

  UIWeb is the web based access to Datatel.  A Datatel account is required.

Click here to access Colleague Web


Business Objects/Infoview

Business Objects is the reporting tool used to create or view reports from the Datatel system. It requires a separate login and knowledge of the product.

Access to the following link is only available to computers that are on selected areas in the STCC Administrative Network.  If the link is not functional, then your computer is not located in one of these areas.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the limited number of licenses, It is very important to Log Out of Infoview when you are finished working in order to keep secure data safe and to free the current user license. Otherwise, another user might not be able to log into the application.


To access Business Objects, click on the following link:
Business Objects Reporting Server

Datatel Software Updates (patches)

Datatel software updates (patches) are loaded bi-weekly. The patches are first loaded to the "test" account. This is usually performed during normal working hours.

After the patches are loaded, a Word document describing the new updates is emailed to key users of each office. Users should check this document to see if any of the patches pertain to them and test out any screens and/or processes that may have been affected. If any problems are encountered, the IT office should be notified at once.

Approximately two weeks later, the same patches are loaded to the "live" account. They are usually loaded before 7 am. If for some reason they have to be loaded at night, the offices that are open in the evening will be notified. The document describing the patches is again emailed and users should verify that the screens and/or processes in the "live" account do not have any problems.

Other Datatel Information

Datatel Web Site (login required)

Datatel Users Group (DUG)

Datatel Subscription Library (Online courses)