STCC Email System (Gmail)


Gmail is now used for both student and faculty/staff email. To access your gmail, click on the appropriate link below:

Gmail for faculty/staff

Gmail for students

With the migration to Google’s Gmail, any member of the campus who has a smart phone (i.e., Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) will be able to access their email. Instructions can be found at:


Help Links

The following links will bring you to detailed Google Help pages. They are arranged  by topic.

Account Lockout   


Calendar-  Find a Time

Calendar -  Invitations

Calendar - Invitations not received

Calendar -  Notifications

Calendar -  Repeat Event

Calendar -  Settings (time, etc.)

Calendar -  Sharing (several options)

Calendar -  Find Address

Contacts - create group

Contacts - creating

Contacts - searching


Email Settings - Preferences

Email-  View Images


Forward mail


Mail - Create and Send Messages

Missing Mail

Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone Android    Android - Additional Information

Notifier (make default mail app)


Print Mail - Whole conversation or one msg in thread

Proxy (Delegated Mail)

Reading Mail  



Google has a number of online resources to help you get acquainted with Apps. Among them are

An introduction to Google Docs

A Google Sites tutorial

Also,Linda Meccouri has developed a site for her Emerging Technologies project that offfers in excellent introduction to Cloud Computing and Google Apps. You can see her site at: