Disability Documentation Requirements

Guidelines for Documenting a Disability

Any student with a documented disability is eligible to register for services.

Documentation should be completed by an appropriately credentialed practitioner (who is an impartial individual and not a family member of the student). Students should submit documentation of their disability prior to meeting with the Office of Disability Services Staff.

Early planning is essential for many of the accommodations provided. Students meet with the Office of Disability Services Staff prior to the start of each semester to review accommodation needs.

Blind/Low Vision

Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Learning Disabilities

Documentation requirements for students with learning disabilities requesting accommodations and/or services are as follows:

  • The student should provide the Office of Disability Services with current documentation and assessment data from certified professionals. Testing must be comprehensive. It is not acceptable to administer only one test for the purpose of diagnosis. Minimally, domains to be addressed must include (but not be limited to):
    • Aptitude: The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales -IV (WAIS-IV),  with all subtest scores is the preferred instrument.
    • Achievement:   Current levels of functioning in reading, mathematics, and written language are required. The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT III) with all subtest scores is the preferred instrument.
      • Note: The Wide Range Achievement Test-4 (WRAT-4) is not a comprehensive measure of achievement and therefore not suitable.
  • Ideally, test results should be current. This means testing that has been conducted within the past three years. However, documentation older than three years is accepted.
  • Actual test scores and subtest scores must be provided. Standard scores are required; percentiles and grade equivalents are not acceptable unless standard scores are also included.
  • IEP's (Individual Education Plans) are not accepted as the sole source of documentation.  Professionals conducting assessments and rendering diagnoses of learning disabilities must be qualified to do so.
  • If you have questions call Joy L. Ferwerda, Learning Disabilities Specialist, Office of Disability Services, at (413) 755-4513.

Physical and Medical-Related Disabilities

Psychiatric Disabilities (Including ADD/ADHD and Addiction/Recovery)