Student Resources

Springfield Technical Community College is committed to your success and offers many resources to help you achieve your personal, academic, and professional goals.  As an STCC student, you have access to all campus services.  While some services may require a visit to campus, many can be utilized over the internet or by phone.  If you experience any difficulty locating a resource appropriate to your needs, please contact the Online Learning Office at (413) 755-4345 or for assistance.

STCC Student Support Resources

Online Learning Office

The Online Learning Office provides several support services for STCC students, including Distance Education orientation sessions, assistance accessing the College's Blackboard Learning System, and general information referrals.  If you have any questions about online course materials or assignments, please contact your instructor.

Location:  Building 16, Room 147

Contact:  413-755-4345;

Student Success Center 

The Student Success Center is committed to connecting every student with the resources that will help them overcome obstacles and be successful in accomplishing their individual goals.  Center services include academic advising, one-on-one general studies tutoring services, campus wide tutor referral services, training and technical support for WebAdvisor and student email, academic counseling, walk-in student information referral, and a 25 workstation computer lab.

Location:  Building 27, adjacent to the STCC Library

Contact:  413-755-4715


The STCC Library is a centralized hub for informational resources and research support services.  The Library also maintains online resource guides for students, including ones on campus academic support services and Resources for Students in Distance Education/Online Learning Courses.  If you're a Distance Education student who would like to have access to the electronic resources in the STCC Library but cannot come on campus to obtain a library card, you can complete the library card request form below and accessibility information will be e-mailed to you.

Library Card Request Form

Location:  Building 27

Contact:  413-755-4845

Disability Support Services

The Office of Disability Services at STCC strives to achieve equal educational and program opportunities and full participation within the college for persons with disabilities.  Support services and academic accommodations allow students with disabilities equal access to all programs at the college.  To learn more about available services and registration requirements, please visit the Office of Disability Support Services website .

Location:  Building 27, Floor 2

Contact:  413-755-4474

Center for Student Veterans & Services Members

The Center for Student Veterans & Service members is dedicated to eliminating the barriers to education encountered by veterans and service members.  The Center provides go-to support personnel who are available to walk you through any challenges you encounter on campus.  Additional services include an on-campus lounge, detailed up-to-date information on military benefits, supplementary tutoring opportunities, and access to mental health and disability services resources.

Location:  Building 16, Room 131

Contact:  413-755-4831

Information Technology Help Desk

The Information Technology Help Desk provides technical support to the STCC community.  The IT Help Desk can provide assistance with WebAdvisor and Student Email accounts.

Contact: 413-755-4016;

Additional Resources for Current Students

STCC is committed to your success, no matter how you define it.  Please click the above link to learn more about the many College services available to you.

Blackboard Exam Tips

When taking a quiz or exam online there are a number of factors to consider that helps ensure successful completion of the assessment.  The following suggestions will help you prepare and take an online exam in Blackboard.

Before the Test

  • Be sure that you are using a reliable computer.  If your computer is not operating properly, find an alternative computer for the test.
  • Be sure the operating system with associated software is up to date.
  • Be sure that your Internet connection is reliable.  Intermittent connectivity issues may cause you to be locked out of your test.
    • If using a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection, be sure the signal is strong and reliable.
    • It is not recommended to use a cellular network connection.
    • Using a dial up internet connection is not recommended.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to take an examination, as you should allow yourself enough time to address any technical or administrative issues that may arise.
  • Be aware of the test guidelines.  Will there be a time limit? Can you exit the test and re-enter at a later time?  Are you allowed to take the exam more than once?
    • Generally, the tests will be timed and you must finish the test in one sitting once you have started it.  Conditions are similar to taking a test in a classroom on campus.

During the Test

  • Be sure that you are ready and prepared for the test before clicking the Begin  button.
  • Be sure to wait until the entire test page loads before clicking on any area of the test.
  • Understand that the Tab key in an online test moves the cursor to the next command button or question.  It does not indent the cursor.
  • It is very easy to get "locked out" of your exam or have your responses submitted prematurely. Here is how to avoid being locked out:
    • Do not close your exam window.
    • Do not browse to another Web page during the exam.
    • Avoid opening and using other applications during the exam.
    • Do not leave your exam opened for more than 3 hours. Your Blackboard session will time out and you won't be able to submit your exam.
  • Save your work regularly using the Save Answer  buttons, located to the right of individual questions.
  • When completing the test be sure to click the Save and Submit button to ensure your test is sent to your instructor.
  • If you experience a problem or get locked out of the test, contact you instructor immediately.