PVTA Fast Break Smart Card Information

Am I eligible for a PVTA Fast Break Smart card?

Students who do not have a student parking decal and whose student financial account in settled may be eligible for a free PVTA Fast Break Smart Card.

PVTA Smart Cards Must be Obtained From the Parking Office, Building 15, 1st Floor

How do I receive my PVTA Fast Break Smart Card once I have applied?

It will be mailed to the address you provided when you applied.

When does my PVTA Fast Break Smart Card expire?


Can I use my PVTA Fast Break Smart Card before the semester begins?

No. It is valid from the FIRST day of classes until the LAST day of final exams.

I have a PVTA Fast Break Card for the Fall Semester. Do I need to apply to renew my card for the Spring Semester?

Yes. PVTA Fast Break Cards are only valid for 1 semester. You will need to apply online here to renew your card when the online application opens for the next semester.

Do I have to pay for the PVTA Fast Break Smart Card?

No. The first card is free. If it is lost or stolen, there is a $45 replacement fee before a new card will be issued.

What do I do if my PVTA Fast Break Smart Card is lost or stolen?

Report it immediately to the STCC Parking Office by emailing parking@stcc.edu or calling 413-755-4238.

If you lose your FIRST PVTA Fast Break Card for the semester, a replacement PVTA Fast Break Card will cost you $45.00. Payment for replacement Fast Break Smart Cards will be accepted only at the Student Accounts Office.

Once you have paid the $45 replacement fee to Student Accounts Office, bring your receipt showing that you paid to the Parking Office in Building 15 for a Replacement PVTA Fast Break Card. These are NOT available online.

Where can I find information on the PVTA bus schedules?

PVTA Schedule to STCC