Parking and Transportation

Contact Info
Bldg. 12, Room 101
Phone: 413-755-4238
Hours: Mon, Wed 9:00a-2:00p and Tue, Thurs. 12:00p- 4:30p

Parking Decal and Bus Pass Application for Spring 2015 will begin HERE online December 10, 2014

Important Things to Know!!

  • Students will not be able to apply for a parking decal or PVTA bus pass until the student's financial account is paid in full or the student has made financial arrangements with STCC Student Accounts office.
  • Students may apply for EITHER a PVTA Bus Pass OR a Parking Decal. Students may NOT have both!
  • There is NO COST for a Parking Decal or for the FIRST PVTA bus pass.
  • If you lose your first bus pass for the semester, a Replacement Bus Pass will cost $45.00. Please come to the Parking Office in Building 12 for a Replacement Bus Pass. These are NOT available online.
  •  If you are unable to access the online application form using your 7 digit student ID number, please check with Student Accounts to make sure your account is paid up BEFORE YOU CHECK WITH THE PARKING OFFICE.
  • Any vehicle that receives 3 parking tickets is subject to being towed.

How to apply for a Parking Decal or PVTA Bus Pass

Click Here To Apply For Your Spring 2015 Bus Pass or Parking Permit

Below are items you will need nearby as you apply online. Please have these readily available as you log in.

  • Student ID number
  • Student Driver information: YOUR Full name, YOUR birthday, YOUR Full Address
  • Vehicle information: Vehicle Make, Model, Color, License plate number
  • Vehicle Owner information: Registered owner name, relationship to owner, Vehicle owner's phone, and Vehicle registered owner's address.
  • It may take up to 48 hours from the time you settle up with your financial student account to the time when you can successfully log in to the parking decal and bus pass application website.   Ex. If you completed your file with financial aid on Monday, you will not be able to log in to the Parking application webpage until Wednesday.

See a map of student parking lot locations here.

Shuttle Bus Service

Shuttle bus service is provided for all student lots except Lots 1, 2, and Extract Place which are located on Pearl Street, directly across from campus.

Shuttle buses begin running at 7:30 am every day with a 15 minute rotation to and from campus depending on traffic. The last shuttle bus is at approximately 5:30 pm.


  • PVTA bus passes are VALID ONLY FOR THE CURRENT SEMESTER, the First day of classes through the last day of finals.
  • Students MUST secure their bus pass on their RAM ID card with a piece of tape. This piece of tape prevents the bus pass from losing its color. If you do not secure the bus pass with a piece of tape, there is a $45 replacement cost.
  • Students must apply for a new PVTA bus pass at the start of every semester.
  • Students receive their first PVTA bus pass FREE. If it is lost or stolen there is a $45 replacement cost.

OPTION 2 - Parking Decal

  • Parking decals are VALID FOR THE ENTIRE ACADEMIC YEAR-Beginning Fall semester and ending Spring semester.
  • Students who have decals issued during the Fall semester are NOT eligible for new parking decals in the Spring semester.
  • EVERY Fall semester you will need to re-apply for a parking decal. An expiration date is located on the  parking decal.

Carpooling Incentive Option

Carpool Parking Decals are issued directly out of the Parking Office in Building 12. Please see the above for hours.

  • To obtain a carpool decal, 2 or more passengers are required.
  • They are also eligible to receive a PVTA bus pass and a $25.00 incentive.
  • All car-poolers must come together to the parking office in building 12 with their schedule in hand and their new Ram Card. No fewer than 2 students may carpool.
  • STCC is working with MassRIDES to establish a database for matching students. You may contact MassRIDES at

Senior Citizen Parking Option

Senior Citizen Parking Decals are issued directly out of the Parking Office in Building 12. Please see the above for hours.

  • Students age 60 years old or older are eligible for Senior Parking.
  • Students MUST bring their driver's license that reflects their date of birth, RAM ID card, school schedule & vehicle registration.