Parking and Transportation

Contact Info
Bldg. 15, 1st floor
Phone: 413-755-4238
Hours: Mon, Wed 9:00a-2:00p and Tue, Thurs. 12:00p- 4:30p
Closed: Friday-Sunday & Holidays

Beginning July 20, 2015, students may:

Click to Apply for a Parking Decal OR Bus Pass for FALL 2015
Apply for a Parking Decal OR Bus Pass for FALL 2015


  • Students will not be able to apply for a parking decal or PVTA bus pass until the student's financial account is paid in full or the student has made financial arrangements with STCC Student Accounts office.
  • Students apply online for a Fall 2015 Parking Decal or PVTA Bus Pass beginning July 20th by visiting our website: Please use a computer or laptop when applying. Some Smart phones, tablets and other devices may not work with this website. You will be directed to print out a temporary pass which will be sent through the email that you provide during the time of registration. Please place this ON YOUR DASHBOARD until your permanent decal arrives in the mail
  • Students may apply for EITHER a PVTA Bus Pass OR a Parking Decal. Students may NOT have both!!! There is NO COST for a Parking Decal or for the FIRST PVTA bus pass.
  • Parking decals are valid for the entire academic year - fall and spring semesters.
  • Bus passes are valid for only 1 semester. You must reapply for the Spring.
  • If you lose your FIRST bus pass for the semester, a Replacement Bus Pass will cost you $45.00. Payment for replacement bus pass will be accepted only at the Student Accounts office. Please bring your $45 receipt that you paid Student Accounts with you when you come to the Parking Office in Building 12 for a Replacement Bus Pass. These are NOT available online.
  • If you are unable to access the online application form using your FULL student ID number, please check with Student Accounts to make sure your account is paid up BEFORE YOU CHECK WITH THE PARKING OFFICE.
  • Students are able to park on campus AFTER 3:30PM without a parking decal. The Green hang tags for night students are no longer used. Night students and students taking online classes do not need to apply for a parking decal UNLESS you will be on campus for class/exams before 3:30. Parking in visitors spaces is prohibited for STCC students.
  • Any vehicle that receives 3 parking tickets is subject to being towed.

How to apply for a Parking Decal or PVTA Bus Pass

Visit our parking website at:

Below are items you will need in order to apply online. Please have these readily available as you log in.

  • Student ID number with the leading zeros
  • Student Driver information: YOUR birthday, YOUR Drivers' license number
  • Vehicle information: Vehicle Make, Model, Year, Color, License plate number
  • Vehicle Owner information: Registered owner name, relationship to owner, Vehicle owner's phone, and Vehicle registered owner's address.


  • Students must re-apply for a new PVTA bus pass at the start of every semester.
  • Students receive their first PVTA bus pass FREE. If it is lost, stolen or fades there is a $45 replacement cost. To avoid bus pass fading place a piece of clear tape over your bus pass.
  • PVTA bus passes are valid the FIRST day of classes until the LAST day of finals.

PVTA Schedule to STCC PDF

OPTION 2 - Parking Decal

  • Students who have parking decals issued during the Fall semester are NOT eligible for new parking decals in the Spring semester.

See a map of student parking lot locations PDF

Paratransit Van Service

Students who would like to request a pass from STCC Disability Services to use the PVTA paratransit van service must be approved by the PVTA first. Once approved, the eligible student should submit the approval letter from the PVTA to the STCC Office of Disability Services in Building 27, 2nd floor. The building has an elevator and is accessible.

 For more information on the PVTA paratransit van service, please visit the PVTA website at or contact the PVTA ADA coordinator at (800) 752-1638 x 214 or (413) 732-6248 ext. 214.  The PVTA office is located at 2808 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01107.

The STCC Office of Disability Services may be contacted at 413-755-4785. Additional information can be found on the website at /ods/.

Shuttle Bus Service

  • Shuttle bus service is provided for all student lots except Lots 1, 2, and Extract Place which are located on Pearl Street, directly across from campus.
  • Shuttle buses begin running at 7:30 am every day with a 15 minute rotation to and from campus depending on traffic. The last shuttle bus is at approximately 5:30 pm

View more information about the Shuttle Service

Carpooling Incentive Option

Carpool Parking Decals are issued directly out of the Parking Office in Building 12. Please see the website for hours.

  • To obtain a carpool decal, 2 or more passengers are required to appear in the parking office with each person(s) class schedule.
  • They are also eligible to receive a PVTA bus pass and a $25.00 incentive upon request
  • All car-poolers must come together to the parking office in building 12 with their schedule in hand and their Ram Card ID. No fewer than 2 students may carpool.
  • STCC is working with MassRIDES to establish a database for matching students. You may contact MassRIDES at

Senior Citizen Parking Option

Senior Citizen Parking Decals are issued directly out of the Parking Office in Building 12. Please see the website for hours.

  • Senior citizens will receive a decal for Lot 1
  • Student's age 60 years old or older are eligible for Senior Parking.
  • Students MUST bring a photo ID that reflects their date of birth and their RAM ID card.
  • Students MUST bring their school schedule.