Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a vendor?

The College uses select vendors from approved consortiums.  These vendors have all completed a competitive bidding process as mandated by the State of Massachusetts.  As a state institution, we are also able to purchase from approved vendors on the state purchasing website. Vendors may also be selected by researching for your specialized needs.  Approved vendors may be found at:

When does my purchase have to go out to bid?

All purchases totaling $10,000 or more either as a onetime purchase or cumulative throughout the year and vendor is not an approved and active consortium vendor.

What do I need to do if the vendor I wish to purchase from is not in the system?

If a vendor is new and not set up in Datatel you will need to request a completed and signed W9 form. The W9 can be sent to the Purchasing Office for processing and set up in Datatel. A blank for can be found at: (docs/RequestforTaxpayerIdentificationNumberandCertificationW9.pdf)

How does a vendor request electronic check payment of invoices?

The college has a program that offers e-check see attached document. Instructions can be found at:

How do I increase the amount of a purchase order?

To increase a purchase order (or blanket purchase order) you will need to email the Purchasing Office with the amount of the increase and the reason for the increase. At the same time you will need to have the approval of the appropriate department head responsible for the budget account that will be increased.

My vendor told me they never received their Purchase Order, how do I have a purchase order resent?

Request the method of resending the PO from the vendor and then contact the Purchasing Department. An official copy of the PO will be sent to the vendor.

When are a MA Standard Contract form and/or MA Terms and Conditions required and what is the proper procedure for completion of the contract?

Please go to the Policies and Procedures link and follow the instructions under contracts.

Who actually makes the purchasing commitments?

Springfield Technical Community College has a Purchasing Department who manages and facilitates all purchase orders. These are the only employees authorized to commit the college to purchases. All other purchases are at the risk of the individual and are not bound by the college for payment.

The only exception to this is the colleges Pro Card purchasing program. College employees who have received a Pro Card have the authority to make restricted purchases up to a specified dollar limit on their Pro Cards.

If the college Pro Card is not being used, the vendor should always be sure to obtain a signed purchase order or authorized purchase order number before shipping or providing items/service to any college department.

Who is the Colleges approved office supply vendor?

All office supplies are purchased from the Colleges preferred vendor W. B. Mason. Orders are placed on the W. B. Mason website tailored to the Colleges office supply needs. Access to the website is processed through the Purchasing Office.

Can I purchase food for my staff from a local vendor?

Sodexo has the right of first refusal. If the food service manager is unable to cater your event than he will email you along with the Purchasing staff at which time you are free to look for other companies to cater your function. If food is purchased prior to Sodexo exercising their right of first refusal, you may be responsible for the payment.

What is the best way to purchase from the bookstore?

The preferred method to purchase from the college bookstore is to use a college pro card (if available), otherwise a Purchase Order will be needed to purchase your item(s).

How do I go about ordering Business Cards?

An online portal - - has been set up to make ordering business cards more convenient and standardized. Individuals with a email address are eligible to register on the portal. Individuals must also submit a Datatel requisition (Vendor - Graphic Printing/Bdfhklt) for the purchase of the business cards. The requisition must be approved by the department head prior to approval to print the business card order.