STCC RamCard

Acceptable Identification

For a newly issued RamCard

For your first RamCard, you will need to present a valid state or government issued ID. Some examples of this are as follows:

  • valid federal or state identification card
  • valid state driver's license
  • valid passport
  • valid United States Permanent Resident card ('green card")

For a replacement RamCard

For a replacement RamCard only, we will accept the combination of an original social security card and birth certificate as acceptable identification in lieu of a valid state or government issued ID. We must be able to verify your likeness with the photo we have on file. This exception is for replacement RamCards only. For replacement RamCards you will need to pay $10 to Student Accounts (cash, check or money order only - no debit or credit cards) and present the receipt to the RamCard Office.

For any questions about acceptable identification, please call the RamCard Office at 413-755-5726.