STCC RamCard

Financial Aid Book Vouchers

If you are awarded financial aid or if your file is complete, you may be eligible for a book voucher. For more information on obtaining a book voucher, please refer to:

Book voucher funds are loaded onto student RamCards.  Students who wish to use their book voucher must present their RamCard to the bookstore at the time of checkout.  No other person can purchase books on the student's behalf.

You will receive an email from the Financial Aid Office, via your STCC student email account, notifying you when book voucher funds have been loaded onto your RamCard. You can check the balance of your book voucher money by logging into  and clicking on “Financial Status”. You may also check your balance by presenting your RamCard to the RamCard Office, Student Accounts Office or the STCC Campus Bookstore.

Please note that all bookstore purchases made with your RamCard will appear on your Student Account as a charge.  Any financial aid you are awarded will be applied to your Student Account to offset these charges.