STCC RamCard

Door Access

Proximity Door Locks:

Please Note: Staff and Faculty should continue to use their current proximity door access card until they are notified of door access activation on their RamCard.

Staff and Faculty who need access to proximity (prox) door locks must have a RamCard to unlock these doors.  A proximity door lock is a lock in which you wave the card in front of the door lock and the door unlocks.  If you need access to a proximity lock, you must complete the door access form.  This form must be signed by your division head or director and given to Campus Police.  Employees must have an ID prior to submitting the door access form.  Please note that Campus Police handles all door access control.

If your RamCard is lost or stolen and you have proximity door access on your card you must immediately contact Campus Police at 413-755-4220 so they can deactivate the door access function on the card.

Magnetic Stripe Door Locks:

If you need access to a door with a magnetic stripe lock you must contact James Bean,, as these locks require a separate card.  A magnetic stripe lock is a lock that you slide the card through like you would a credit card at the store.

If you have a separate mag stripe door access card that is lost or stolen you must contact James Bean at 413-755-4506 so he can deactivate the door access on your card.