STCC RamCard

Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost/Stolen RamCard

If your card is lost or stolen contact the RamCard Office immediately so your card can be deactivated.  Once your card is deactivated it cannot be reactivated.  A new RamCard must then be obtained at the RamCard Office.

Lost/Stolen RamCards with Door Access

If your RamCard is lost or stolen and you have proximity door access on your card you must immediately contact Campus Police at 413-755-4220 so they can deactivate the door access function on the card.  You must then immediately contact the RamCard Office so your card can be deactivated.  If you have a separate mag stripe door access card that is lost or stolen you must immediately contact James Bean at 413-755-4506 so he can deactivate the door access on your card.

The Replacement Fee for lost, stolen or damaged cards is $10.  The Replacement Fee must be paid via cash, check or money order.  Credit/debit cards are not accepted for the Replacement Fee.

Replacement cards must be paid for in the Office of Student Accounts.  The receipt must then be given to the RamCard Office before the new RamCard will be issued.  A state or government ID must be presented at the time of RamCard replacement. 

RamCard Office Location: Building 15, Garvey Hall South, Room 101, adjacent to the Registrar Office counter.


Phone: 413-755-5726