STCC RamCard

Manage My RamCard Account

We are happy to introduce you to the new online RamCard account management page. To access this page, go to  and log in with your WebAdvisor user name and password. On this page you will be able to view your account balances, view account activity, view statements, and add funds to your account.

Click Financial Status to view current balances on your RamCard. These balances include Financial Aid Book Voucher balances, Print Credit balances and General balances (the balance of any funds that you have added).

Click Financial History to view all financial transactions that you have used your RamCard for.

Click Financial Statement to view transaction activity broken down by each balance type.

Click Add Cash to add funds to your RamCard. There is currently no minimum amount required when using this option to add funds to your account. Note: Currently these funds can only be used for printing/copying. All funds added to the RamCard are non-refundable but will carry forward to the next semester.