STCC RamCard

Print Management - Faculty and Staff Members

In an effort to go green and enhance the printing experience on campus we are pleased to inform you that we will be rolling out a new print management system for faculty and staff members as well as students. With this new system an employee will be able to print from his/her desk and release a print job at any of the multifunctional copiers on campus. When the employee selects print, the print job will be held securely in a print queue. When ready to print, the employee will swipe his/her RamCard at any multifunctional copier on campus and select the jobs to print. If an employee does not have a RamCard, he/she can release a print job by keying his/her active directory username and password into the multifunctional copier.

The number of prints that faculty and staff members can make will not be limited, nor will it create an added expense for an employee or a department. It is intended to increase/enhance printing options for all users. We are currently in the development stage of the project and are working with faculty and staff members to test the system. The plan is to stagger the rollout building by building during the Spring 2014 semester.

After the initial roll out is complete, we will be working on the functionality that will allow faculty and staff to add print jobs to their print queue from home or wirelessly from laptops or tablets on campus. This print management system only works with multifunctional copiers. Employees who print to a standard printer will continue to print as they do now and will have the additional option to print to the multifunction copiers described above.

The same print management system will be rolled out to students during the Spring 2014 semester and will go live during the Summer 2014 sessions. During the Spring semester, students will get accustomed to using the new system and releasing print jobs at centrally located print release stations. During this transition period there will be no charge for printing. However, when the system goes live for students in Summer 2014, a fixed amount of print credit will be loaded to a students RamCard at the start of each semester. If the student should utilize all of the print credits allocated by the college, he/she will be able to load his/her own funds onto the RamCard for more printing. Please note that the printing allocation does not apply to faculty and staff members.

As the project progresses, additional information will be posted and e-mailed to the campus.

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