STCC RamCard

Print Management - Faculty and Staff Members

In an effort to go green and reduce the amount of paper used on campus, STCC has implemented Follow Me Printing. This solution, used by colleges across the country is integrated with the RamCard and gives employees more printing options.  With this new system an employee will be able to print from his/her desk and release a print job at any of the multifunctional copiers on campus. When the employee selects print, the print job will be held securely in a print queue. When ready to print, the employee will swipe his/her RamCard at any multifunctional copier on campus and their documents will print. If an employee does not have a RamCard, he/she can release a print job by keying his/her active directory username and password into the multifunctional copier.

The number of prints that faculty and staff members can make will not be limited, nor will it create an added expense for an employee or a department. It is intended to increase/enhance printing options for all users.

Print from Anywhere

Print Jobs can now be uploaded directly to your print queue from any device anywhere by logging into  This means that you do not need to be logged onto a STCC computer to add documents to your print queue.  The below document types are the only file types that are currently supported for this method of printing.

Microsoft Excel xlam, xls, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx, xltm, xltx
Microsoft PowerPoint pot, potm, potx, ppam, pps, ppsm, ppsx, ppt, pptm, pptx
Microsoft Word doc, docm, docx, dot, dotm, dotx, rtf
PDF pdf
Picture Files bmp, dib, gif, jfif, jif, jpe, jpeg, jpg, png, tif, tiff

Please Note:

  • All pages and tabs within a document will be printed.
  • If you only want to print select pages within a document you will need to save the pages that you want to print as a separate document.
  • When printing an Excel document, all tabs and pages will print.
  • After uploading a document, it is a good idea to double check the number of pages that were uploaded to make sure that the correct number were uploaded.

Detailed Intructions on Printing From Anywhere

Detailed Instructions on converting a PowerPoint to a PDF so that multiple slides print on one page (This only needs to be done when directly uploading files into

Step by Step Printing Instructions (Off Campus or Wirelessly)

Step by Step Printing Instructions (On Campus Network)