WebAdvisor Registration Instructions

Please print these instructions for reference.

  1. Go to: http://www.stcc.edu
  2. Click on: WebAdvisor
  3. Click on: "Click here to access WebAdvisor"
  4. Click on: "Log In"
  5. Enter your username (in lowercase) and password - click on Submit
  6. Click on: "Students"
  7. Click on: "Register for Sections"
  8. Choose: "Express Registration"
  9. For each course in which you want to register, enter the following information:
    • Subject: Use the drop-down menu in the Subject column to choose the course subject (for example, ENGL)
    • Course Number: Type in the number of the course (for example, 100) in the Course # column
    • Section Number: Type in the Section information (for example, D01) in the Section # column. (Every section includes a letter and two numbers.)
    • Term: Use the drop-down menu in the Term column to choose the correct term (e.g., Spring, Fall, Summer Session I or Summer Session II).
  10. After you've entered the information for every course, click Submit.
  11. On the next screen, you will see a list of your "preferred sections" based on your course section criteria. To finalize registration, use the drop-down "Action" menu to select "RG - Register" (to register for a class) or "RM - Remove from List" (to remove a class from your list of preferred sections). When done, click Submit.
  12. The next screen will indicate the status of each course. Successful registrations will be noted with a status of Registered. If a class is full, or if you do not meet the prerequisite(s) for a course, this will be noted at the top of this screen.