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9/17/2014 9:13:00 AM

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STCC College Wide Semester Schedule - Fall 2014

Course: (ARBT) Architecture and Building Technology
ARBT-110-D01Bldg Codes/Principles318-917 / 312MW  10:50 AM-12:05 PMHall, WarrenBooks 
ARBT-125-D01Arch CAD320-1817 / 509T  8:00 AM-10:45 AMVetrano, RobertBooks 
ARBT-125L-D01Lab Arch CAD020-1817 / 509TH  8:00 AM-10:45 AMVetrano, RobertBooks 
ARBT-150-D01Arch Design I: Des Proc 2D418-1017 / 312TTH  8:45 AM-9:35 AMHall, WarrenBooks 
ARBT-150-D02Arch Design I: Des Proc 2D418-1817 / 312TTH  12:30 PM-1:30 PMHall, WarrenBooks 
ARBT-150-E51Arch Design I: Des Proc 2D418-1217 / 312MW  5:30 PM-9:15 PMHall, WarrenBooks 
ARBT-150L-D01Lab Arch Des I:Proc 2D018-917 / 312TTH  9:45 AM-12:15 PMHall, WarrenBooks 
ARBT-150L-D02Lab Arch Des I:Proc 2D018-1817 / 312TTH  1:30 PM-4:00 PMHall, WarrenBooks 
ARBT-260-D01Arch Design 3: Pub Space318-1517 / 513M  1:35 PM-3:40 PMNardi, AlfonsoBooks 
ARBT-260L-D01LabArch Design 3: Pub Space018-1517 / 513W  1:35 PM-4:35 PMNardi, AlfonsoBooks