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1/30/2015 9:30:00 AM

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STCC College Wide Semester Schedule - Spring 2015

Course: (FIRE) Fire Protection/Science
FIRE-220-E90Org/Mgt Fire de332-1702 / 418W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMRichards, EdwardBooks 
FIRE-310-E90Fire Hydr/Equip332-1102 / 418M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMRichards, EdwardBooks 
FIRE-330-E90Fire Protec Sys332-2002 / 417W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBuonome, PeterBooks 
FIRE-340-E90Fire/Offrship332-1613 / 111T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBrandoli, LaurenceBooks 
FIRE-420-E90Fire Caus/Detec332-2213 / 109TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBrandoli, LaurenceBooks