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5/22/2015 7:40:00 AM

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STCC College Wide Course Schedule - Fall 2015

Course: (PSY) Psychology
PSY-101-D01Gen Psychology332-2317 / 122MWF  8:00 AM-8:50 AMGuerra, JohnBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-D03Gen Psychology332-1017 / 629MWF  9:05 AM-9:55 AMGentile, LouisBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-D04Gen Psychology332-3217 / 102MWF  9:05 AM-9:55 AMGuerra, JohnBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-D06Gen Psychology332-917 / 629MWF  10:10 AM-11:00 AMGentile, LouisBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-D08Gen Psychology332-1717 / 433MWF  1:35 PM-2:25 PMBrown, EricBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-D09Gen Psychology332-1113 / 319MWF  1:35 PM-2:25 PMZayas-Bonilla, MariaBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-D11Gen Psychology332-217 / 433MWF  2:40 PM-3:30 PMBrown, EricBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-D13Gen Psychology332-917 / 102TTH  8:00 AM-9:15 AMGuerra, JohnBooksRestricted for Automotive students Waitlist Option
PSY-101-D14Gen Psychology332-1017 / 114TTH  8:00 AM-9:15 AMCarra, BrettBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-D15Gen Psychology332-213 / 105T  8:00 AM-9:15 AMRice, NanBooksHYBRID course. For more info: Waitlist Option
PSY-101-D16Gen Psychology332-3217 / 102TTH  9:30 AM-10:45 AMGuerra, JohnBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-D18Gen Psychology332-213 / 105T  9:30 AM-10:45 AMRice, NanBooksHYBRID course. For more info: Waitlist Option
PSY-101-D19Gen Psychology332-1413 / 229TTH  9:30 AM-10:45 AMPrystupa, LindaBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-D20Gen Psychology332-1013 / 105T  11:00 AM-12:15 PMRice, NanBooksHYBRID course. For more info: Waitlist Option
PSY-101-D21Gen Psychology332-3213 / 329TTH  11:00 AM-12:15 PMPercy, ChristopherBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-D22Gen Psychology332-1517 / 122TTH  12:30 PM-1:45 PMPercy, ChristopherBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-E50Gen Psychology332-517 / 102W  4:00 PM-7:00 PMGuerra, JohnBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-E51Gen Psychology332-1317 / 403T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBrown, EricBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-E52Gen Psychology332-817 / 102M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMGuerra, JohnBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-E53Gen Psychology332-202 / 416TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMPercy, ChristopherBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-E65Gen Psychology332-402 / 204S  9:00 AM-12:00 PMRamos, TracyBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-E84Gen Psychology330-30DISTANCE Peters, LindaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
PSY-101-E85Gen Psychology330-4DISTANCE Peters, LindaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
PSY-200-E51Child Psych332-913 / 325T  6:00 PM-9:00 PMBooks 
PSY-210-D01Human Grwth/Dev332-3217 / 431MWF  10:10 AM-11:00 AMBrown, EricBooks 
PSY-210-D02Human Grwth/Dev332-3217 / 429MWF  11:15 AM-12:05 PMBrown, EricBooks 
PSY-210-D03Human Grwth/Dev332-1013 / 225MWF  1:35 PM-2:25 PMPrystupa, LindaBooks 
PSY-210-E50Human Grwth/Dev332-1213 / 213TH  5:30 PM-8:30 PMCarra, BrettBooks 
PSY-210-E65Human Grwth/Dev332-902 / 316S  9:00 AM-12:00 PMBrown, EricBooks 
PSY-210-E80Human Grwth/Dev330-17DISTANCE Przybylowicz, TerryBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
PSY-210-E82Human Grwth/Dev330-14DISTANCE Rice, NanBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
PSY-215-D01Theory /Perslty332-313 / 315M  9:05 AM-9:55 AMRice, NanBooksThis is a HYBRID course. For more information, contact Professor Nan Rice at
PSY-220-D01Adolesnt Psych332-1317 / 433TTH  12:30 PM-1:45 PMPrystupa, LindaBooks 
PSY-230-D01Prin Nor/Abn Be332-1013 / 105M  10:10 AM-11:00 AMRice, NanBooksThis is a HYBRID course. For more information, contact Professor Nan Rice at
PSY-230-D02Prin Nor/Abn Be335-713 / 105M  11:15 AM-12:05 PMRice, NanBooksThis is a HYBRID course. For more information, contact Professor Nan Rice at
PSY-230-D03Prin Nor/Abn Be332-1417 / 629TTH  9:30 AM-10:45 AMGentile, LouisBooks 
PSY-230-D04Prin Nor/Abn Be332-1517 / 629TTH  11:00 AM-12:15 PMGentile, LouisBooks 
PSY-230-E51Prin Nor/Abn Be332-1817 / 102TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMGuerra, JohnBooks 
PSY-230-E52Prin Nor/Abn Be332-013 / 213W  6:00 PM-9:00 PMSabato, RobertBooks 
PSY-230-E81Prin Nor/Abn Be330-11DISTANCE Rice, NanBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
PSY-230-E82Prin Nor/Abn Be330-0DISTANCE Rice, NanBooks 
PSY-230-E83Prin Nor/Abn Be325-8DISTANCE Peters, LindaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
PSY-240-E80Intro to Forensic Psychology330-15DISTANCE Tirado, BrendaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option