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CSE-110 (Formerly: CSET-210) - INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER SYSTEMS  2 credits
This is an introductory course that will prepare Computer Systems Engineering Technology students for more advanced courses in the department. Hands-on coverage includes popular PC operating systems and hardware. Specific topics include system booting, system configuration, BIOS, disk management, CPUs, bus architectures, power supplies, disk drivers, memory, multimedia, field replaceable units (FRUs), and network devices. Students learn how hardware devices integrate into and work with an operating system. The internet is used extensively for research including product documentation, software upgrades, driver upgrades, and product comparison. In the lab students will use a collection of hardware and software components to build, modify, upgrade, and troubleshoot today's popular PC hardware and operating systems.

Prerequisites: NONE

Corequisites: CSE 110L