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ELE-111 - INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)  3 credits
This course is an introduction to the Internet of Things (IOT) which is often called the Internet of Everything (IOE). The Internet of Things concentrates on the connection of various IOT "smart" devices to the traditional data networks. This is a "hands-on" introduction to the Internet of Things, sensors, and common IOT hardware. The course is a blend of electronic principles, the basics of using Raspberry PI and Arduino microcontroller boards, some basic programming concepts, connecting sensors, and sending data across wired and wireless data networks. We will save the data to servers on the Internet, Google spreadsheets, and cloud servers so we can access our data from anywhere in the world.Basic computer skills are required to take this course. No prior programming, electronic, or networking experience is assumed. 

Prerequisites: NONE

Corequisites: ELE 111L