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ESL-084 (Formerly: EESL-086) - INTERMEDIATE ESL GRAMMAR  3 credits
This grammar course is intended for students who have a high/intermediate level of English. It is assumed that the students who have enrolled in ESL-084 have been tested and placed into the Level 3 curriculum. ESL-084 is given jointly with ESL-086 and ESL-088. The focus will be on complex verb forms, syntactical structures, and mechanics. Please note: Level 3 courses ESL-084, ESL-086 and  ESL-088 are part of an intensive unit. A grade of "C" or better in all three courses must be attained to pass on to the next level. If a student fails to achieve a grade of "C" or better in any one of these courses, all three of the courses must be repeated.

Prerequisites: NONE

Corequisites: ESL-086 - Intermediate ESL Writing and ESL-088 - Intermediate ESL Reading