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ESL-094 (Formerly: EESL-094) - ADVANCED ESL GRAMMAR  3 credits
This grammar course is intended for students who have mastered a high-intermediate level of English. It offers a comprehensive review of Level 2 and 3 structures, such as perfect verb tenses, modal auxiliaries, the passive voice, and compound/complex sentences. Students practice the verb tenses in integrated exercises. The review of complex syntactical patterns also covers appropriate mechanics. New grammar encompasses more advanced forms; future perfect tenses, noun clauses, gerunds, infinitives, modal perfects, unreal conditionals, and the subjunctive mode are covered. This is a developmental course. Credit for this course will not be counted toward fulfilling graduation requirements at STCC.

Prerequisites: ESL 084 or placement at ESL-094 level.

Corequisites: ESL-096 - Advanced ESL Writing and ESL-098 - Advanced ESL Reading