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PHY-206 (Formerly: PHYS-256) - OPTICS AND IMAGE RECORDING  3 credits
This course explores capturing images with the action of light. It is a transferable laboratory-science course for non-science majors, which provides students with a theoretical foundation and laboratory experience with the properties of light and the techniques of image recording. Topics include the theories and processes involved in recording images on photosensitive surfaces, followed by examining the materials, and measuring the image quality. Among the sub-topics covered are light, color, lenses, photographic history, densitometry, and digital imaging. Includes a three hour laboratory. Scientific Calculator required. Web assisted. There is no honors component. Offered Fall semester. Required by some programs.

Prerequisites: Placement at ENG-101 and MAT-083, MAT 089 or MAT-087 with a minimum grade of C-.

Corequisites: PHY 206L