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NMDT-410 - PRACTICUM (10 WEEKS)  5 credits
This is the final practicum course, which involves the integration of two years of classroom learning with clinical practice. The student will be individually supervised with the preparation and injection of radiopharmaceuticals, as each affiliate permits. Unassisted performance of routine clinical exams, processing and analysis of non-imaging data, and maintaining a room work schedule will be further developed. Upon completion of this course the student will have achieved all levels of competencies necessary for employment in Nuclear Medicine. Weekly classes are scheduled for the purpose of clinical discussion and review. A comprehensive simulated registry exam is required. Grading for the summer session will reflect both the clinical and didactic components of the course. Successful completion of this course demonstrates all requirements of the JRC to sit for a national certifying exam and seek employment in Nuclear Medicine. Offered 40 hours per week for a total of 400 contact hours. An 11th week is included for the completion of all clinical make-up hours.

Prerequisites: NONE

Corequisites: NMDT-410L