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12/6/2016 9:39:00 AM

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STCC College Wide Course Schedule - Spring 2017

You may be required to use computers in various capacities in every course offered at STCC. If you need one for an assignment, some labs are available throughout the campus. The use of computers for classes will provide you with critical skills needed in the workplace.

Course: (GAT) Graphic Arts Technology
GAT-122-D01Digital Workflow212-1114 / 212MW  9:05:00 AM-9:55:00 AMKriftcher, MatthewBooks 
GAT-122L-D01Lab: Digital Workflow112-1115 / 302F  10:00:00 AM-12:05:00 PMKriftcher, MatthewBooks 
       15 / 303F  1:35:00 PM-2:25:00 PMKriftcher, Matthew    
GAT-125-D01Typography and Layout Design218-814 / 301MW  10:10:00 AM-11:00:00 AMLukas, CherylBooks 
GAT-125L-D01Lab: Typogrphy & Layout Design118-815 / 303M  1:35:00 PM-4:10:00 PMLukas, CherylBooks 
GAT-131-D01Printing Tech318-1014 / 301TTH  2:00:00 PM-3:15:00 PMKriftcher, MatthewBooks 
GAT-150-D01Prof Dig Photo218-715 / 301MW  10:10:00 AM-11:00:00 AMRuderman, PhilipBooksmust take GAT-151 concurrently
GAT-150L-D01Lab: Digital Photography118-715 / 301M  1:35:00 PM-4:10:00 PMRuderman, PhilipBooks 
GAT-150-D76Prof Dig Photo218-0COMPMW  8:00:00 AM-8:50:00 AMCestroni, DawnBooksrestricted to perkins grant Chicopee Comp
GAT-150L-D76Lab: Digital Photography118-0COMPMW  8:55:00 AM-10:10:00 AMCestroni, DawnBooksRestricted to Perkins Grant Chic Comp
GAT-151-D01Dig Photo Studio210-615 / 301T  11:00:00 AM-1:00:00 PMCestroni, DawnBooks 
GAT-152-D01Adv Prof Digital Photography218-1115 / 301MW  8:00:00 AM-8:50:00 AMRuderman, PhilipBooks 
GAT-152L-D01Lab: Adv Digital Photography114-1115 / 301T  8:00:00 AM-10:45:00 AMRuderman, PhilipBooks 
GAT-155-D01Mac Operating Sys218-515 / 303TTH  11:00:00 AM-12:05:00 PMLukas, CherylBooks 
GAT-155L-D01Lab: Mac Op Sys118-515 / 303TTH  12:30:00 PM-1:45:00 PMLukas, CherylBooks 
GAT-160-D01Intro Web Dsgn218-1115 / 302MW  1:35:00 PM-2:25:00 PMMisco, DanielBooks 
GAT-160L-D01Lab: Web Dsgn/Dvlpmt118-1115 / 302MW  2:30:00 PM-3:45:00 PMMisco, DanielBooks 
GAT-162-D01Dig Img-Photoshop218-915 / 301MW  9:05:00 AM-9:55:00 AMRuderman, PhilipBooks 
GAT-162L-D01Lab: Dig Img Prep118-915 / 302TH  11:00:00 AM-1:45:00 PMRuderman, PhilipBooks 
GAT-171-E61DSLR Photography312-115 / 301TH  6:00:00 PM-9:15:00 PMLangone, JamesBooks 
GAT-174-D01Airbrushing Techniques 1213-114 / 302MW  4:00:00 PM-4:50:00 PMKriftcher, MatthewBooks 
GAT-174L-D01Lab: Airbrushing Techniques 1120-114 / 302MW  4:55:00 PM-5:45:00 PMKriftcher, MatthewBooks 
GAT-222-D01Color Management230-2214 / 212MW  10:10:00 AM-11:00:00 AMZarlengo, ChrisBooks 
GAT-222L-D01Lab: Color Management110-814 / 212M  1:35:00 PM-4:10:00 PMZarlengo, ChrisBooks 
GAT-222L-D02Lab: Color Management110-414 / 212W  1:35:00 PM-4:10:00 PMZarlengo, ChrisBooks 
GAT-222L-D03Lab: Color Management110-1014 / 212T  9:30:00 AM-12:00:00 PMZarlengo, ChrisBooks 
GAT-225-D01Adv Typography & Layout Design218-714 / 301MW  11:15:00 AM-12:05:00 PMLukas, CherylBooks 
GAT-225L-D01Lab:adv Typgrphy & Layout Dsgn118-715 / 303W  1:35:00 PM-4:10:00 PMLukas, CherylBooks 
GAT-245-D01Digital Portfolio Workshop218-815 / 303TTH  2:00:00 PM-3:15:00 PMLukas, CherylBooks 
GAT-245L-D01Lab: Digital Portfolio Wrkshp118-815 / 303TTH  3:30:00 PM-4:45:00 PMLukas, CherylBooks 
GAT-251-D01Advertising Photography215-715 / 301TTH  2:00:00 PM-2:50:00 PMRuderman, PhilipBooks 
GAT-251L-D01Lab: Advertising Photography115-715 / 301TTH  3:00:00 PM-4:15:00 PMRuderman, PhilipBooks 
GAT-260-D01Digital Press Production212-1114 / 212F  8:00:00 AM-10:00:00 AMKriftcher, MatthewBooks 
GAT-260L-D01Lab: Digital Press Production16-514 / 207T  11:00:00 AM-1:45:00 PMKriftcher, MatthewBooks 
GAT-260L-D02Lab: Digital Press Production16-614 / 207TH  11:00:00 AM-1:45:00 PMKriftcher, MatthewBooks 
GAT-260-E61Digital Press Production212-014 / 212M  6:00:00 PM-7:20:00 PMKriftcher, MatthewBooks 
GAT-260L-E61Lab: Digital Press Production18-014 / 207M  7:30:00 PM-9:45:00 PMKriftcher, MatthewBooks 
GAT-261-D01Digital Publishing230-2014 / 212MW  8:00:00 AM-8:50:00 AMKriftcher, MatthewBooks 
GAT-261L-D01Lab: Digital Publishing115-1315 / 303T  8:00:00 AM-10:45:00 AMKriftcher, MatthewBooks 
GAT-261L-D02Lab: Digital Publishing115-715 / 303TH  8:00:00 AM-10:45:00 AMKriftcher, MatthewBooks 
GAT-262-D01Prof Digital Img Techniques218-1015 / 301MW  11:15:00 AM-12:05:00 PMRuderman, PhilipBooks 
GAT-262L-D01Lab: Prof Digital Img Tech118-1015 / 302T  11:00:00 AM-1:45:00 PMRuderman, PhilipBooks 
GAT-262-E61Prof Digital Img Techniques218-015 / 302TH  6:00:00 PM-7:20:00 PMZarlengo, ChrisBooks 
GAT-262L-E61Lab: Prof Digital Img Tech124-015 / 302TH  7:30:00 PM-9:45:00 PMZarlengo, ChrisBooks 
GAT-263-D01Dig Illstr Tech218-314 / 301MW  9:05:00 AM-9:55:00 AMZarlengo, ChrisBooks 
GAT-263L-D01Lab: Dig Illstr Tech118-315 / 302F  9:00:00 AM-11:45:00 AMZarlengo, ChrisBooks 
GAT-280-D01Graph Art Intership 130-1TBA / TBA Ruderman, PhilipBooks 
GAT-285-D01Graphic Art Internship 230-2TBA / TBA Ruderman, PhilipBooks