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4/27/2015 7:38:00 AM

Schedule information, including faculty assignment, building, room and class meeting time is subject to change.

STCC Continuing Education Semester Schedule - Fall 2015

ABT-125-E51Arch CAD220-217 / 509TH  5:30 PM-7:25 PMVetrano, RobertBooks 
ABT-125L-E51Lab: Arch Cad120-217 / 509TH  7:30 PM-9:15 PMVetrano, RobertBooks 
ABT-135-E80Architect CAD 2220-0DISTANCE Vetrano, RobertBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ABT-135L-E80Lab: Architect Cad 2120-0DISTANCE Vetrano, RobertBooksONLINE LEARNING
ABT-150-E51Arch Design I: Des Proc 2D218-617 / 312MW  5:30 PM-6:20 PMHall, WarrenBooks 
ABT-150L-E51Lab: Arch Des I:proc 2D218-617 / 312MW  6:30 PM-9:15 PMHall, WarrenBooks 
ABT-220-E51Sustainablty and the Blt Envir320-917 / 320TH  5:30 PM-8:30 PMBrown, StephanieBooks 
ABT-250-E51Arch Design 3: Pub Space218-417 / 513W  5:30 PM-7:25 PMNardi, AlfonsoBooks 
ABT-250L-E51Lab: Arch Design 3: Pub Space118-417 / 513W  7:30 PM-9:30 PMNardi, AlfonsoBooks 
ACC-101-E52Accounting 1432-402 / 416W  5:45 PM-9:30 PMBooks 
ACC-101-E80Accounting 1430-9DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
ACC-102-E51Accounting 2432-1202 / 316M  5:45 PM-9:30 PMBooks 
ACC-230-E51Computer Acct325-302 / 312TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBooks 
ANT-101-E51Intr to Anthrop332-617 / 431M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMMazzarella, GinaBooks 
ANT-101-E81Intr to Anthrop330-12DISTANCE Defillipo, GloriaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ARB-101-E51Elem Arabic 1322-713 / 231W  6:00 PM-9:00 PMBonemery, FatimaBooks 
ART-101-E51Int Art/Bas Des225-528 / 210TH  6:15 PM-8:10 PMConnor, JesseBooks 
ART-101L-E51Lab: Int Art/Bas Des125-528 / 210TH  8:15 PM-9:15 PMConnor, JesseBooks 
ART-102-E51Basic Drawing225-328 / 210M  6:15 PM-8:10 PMConnor, JesseBooks 
ART-102L-E51Lab: Basic Drawing125-328 / 210M  8:15 PM-9:15 PMConnor, JesseBooks 
ART-130-E51Painting 1225-928 / 206W  6:15 PM-8:10 PMBloomfield, PaulBooks 
ART-130L-E51Lab: Painting 1125-928 / 206W  8:15 PM-9:15 PMBloomfield, PaulBooks 
ART-170-E51Airbrushing Techniques 1315-814 / 302W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMKriftcher, MatthewBooks 
ATH-110-E51Yoga for Health115-820 / 88T  4:00 PM-5:15 PMChristiansen, NormanBooks 
BIO-101-E51Prin of Biol 1324-502 / 513M  6:00 PM-9:00 PMDuPont, CaroleBooksMust register for BIO-101L-E51
BIO-101-E52Prin of Biol 1324-802 / 601T  6:00 PM-9:00 PMTamarkin, DawnBooksMust register for BIO-101L-E52 Web-Assisted Course
BIO-101-E80Prin of Biol 1324-12DISTANCE Nash, MicheleBooksMust register for BIO-101L-E80 Online Learning
BIO-101L-E51Lab: Prin of Biol 1124-502 / 612W  6:00 PM-9:00 PMFoss, GailBooksMust register for BIO-101-E51
BIO-101L-E52Lab: Prin of Biol 1124-802 / 612TH  6:00 PM-9:00 PMFoss, GailBooksMust register for BIO-101-E52
BIO-101L-E80Lab: Prin of Biol 1124-12DISTANCE Nash, MicheleBooksMust register for BIO-101-E80 Online Learning
BIO-103-E51Nat Sci/Chld Ed424-902 / 601M  5:30 PM-9:30 PMPetit, KennethBooks 
BIO-104-E51Human Biol 1324-902 / 502M  6:00 PM-9:00 PMBrinkmann, HollyBooksMust register for BIO-104L-E51
BIO-104L-E51Lab: Human Biol 1124-902 / 502W  6:00 PM-9:00 PMBrinkmann, HollyBooksMust register for BIO-104-E51
BIO-114-E51Biochemistry332-702 / 601W  5:30 PM-8:30 PMNash, MicheleBooksWeb-Assisted Course
BIO-115-E65Nutrition332-402 / 206S  9:00 AM-12:00 PMSarrette, BrandyBooksWaitlist Option
BIO-115-E80Nutrition330-29DISTANCE Rapp, LisaBooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
BIO-115-E81Nutrition330-14DISTANCE Nash, MicheleBooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
BIO-141-E51Fund/Envir Biol324-502 / 609M  5:30 PM-8:30 PMTrueman, ShanonBooksMust register for BIO-141L-E51
BIO-141-E82Fund/Envir Biol324-5DISTANCE Trueman, ShanonBooksMust register for BIO-141L-E82 Online Learning
BIO-141L-E51Lab: Fund/Envir Biol124-502 / 623S  9:00 AM-12:00 PMTrueman, ShanonBooksMust register for BIO-141-E51
BIO-141L-E82Lab: Fund/Envir Biol124-5DISTANCE Trueman, ShanonBooksMust register for BIO-141-E82 Online Learning
BIO-231-E51Anat Physiol 1324-102 / 503W  5:00 PM-8:00 PMMaciaszek, JosephBooksMust register for BIO-231L-E51
BIO-231-E52Anat Physiol 1324-602 / 504T  6:00 PM-9:00 PMRandhir, ReenaBooksMust register for BIO-231L-E52
BIO-231-E53Anat Physiol 1324-502 / 513T  6:00 PM-9:00 PMCote, SamanthaBooksMust register for BIO-231L-E53 Web-Assisted Course
BIO-231-E65Anat Physiol 1320-502 / 504S  8:30 AM-11:20 AMGreco, RichardBooksMust register for BIO-231L-E65 Web-Assisted
BIO-231-E80Anat Physiol 1324-2DISTANCE Poe, BrandonBooksMust register for BIO-231L-E80 Hybrid Course; Please visit faculty webpage for more information
BIO-231-E81Anat Physiol 1324-6DISTANCE Greco, RichardBooksMust register for BIO-231L-E81 Web-Assisted
BIO-231L-E51Lab: Anat Physiol 1124-102 / 500M  5:00 PM-8:00 PMMaciaszek, JosephBooksMust register for BIO-231-E51
BIO-231L-E52Lab: Anat Physiol 1124-602 / 502TH  6:00 PM-9:00 PMRandhir, ReenaBooksMust register for BIO-231-E52
BIO-231L-E53Lab: Anat Physiol 1124-402 / 510TH  6:00 PM-9:00 PMCote, SamanthaBooksMust register for BIO-231-E53 Web-Assisted Course
BIO-231L-E65Lab: Anat Physiol 1120-502 / 500S  11:30 AM-2:30 PMGreco, RichardBooksMust register for BIO-231-E65 Web-Assisted
BIO-231L-E80Lab: Anat Physiol 1124-202 / 500T  5:30 PM-8:30 PMPoe, BrandonBooksMust register for BIO-231-E80 Hybrid Course; Please visit faculty webpage for more information
BIO-231L-E81Lab: Anat Physiol 1124-602 / 500TH  6:30 PM-9:30 PMGreco, RichardBooksMust register for BIO-231-E81 Web-Assisted
BIO-232-E50Anat Physiol 2324-902 / 503TH  5:15 PM-8:15 PMWalton, AnneBooksMust register for BIO-232L-E50
BIO-232-E51Anat Physiol 2324-2402 / 503M  6:00 PM-9:00 PMRandhir, ReenaBooksMust register for BIO-232L-E51
BIO-232-E65Anat Physiol 2324-1902 / 503S  8:30 AM-11:20 AMDalessio, PhilipBooksMust register for BIO-232L-E65
BIO-232-E80Anat Physiol 2324-10DISTANCE Poe, BrandonBooksMust register for BIO-232L-E80 Hybrid Course; Please visit faculty webpage for more information
BIO-232L-E50Lab: Anat Physiol 2124-902 / 502T  5:15 PM-8:15 PMWalton, AnneBooksMust register for BIO-232-E50
BIO-232L-E51Lab: Anat Physiol 2124-2402 / 500W  6:00 PM-9:00 PMRandhir, ReenaBooksMust register for BIO-232-E51
BIO-232L-E65Lab: Anat Physiol 2124-1802 / 502S  11:30 AM-2:30 PMDalessio, PhilipBooksMust register for BIO-232-E65 Web-Assisted
BIO-232L-E80Lab: Anat Physiol 2124-1002 / 510W  5:30 PM-8:30 PMPoe, BrandonBooksMust register for BIO-232-E80 Hybrid Course; Please visit faculty webpage for more information
BIO-235-E50Microbiology318-302 / 503T  4:00 PM-7:00 PMMaciaszek, JosephBooksMust register for BIO-235L-E50
BIO-235-E51Microbiology318-1802 / 504M  6:00 PM-9:00 PMRaffio-Quartz, NancyBooksMust register for BIO-235L-E51
BIO-235L-E50Lab: Microbiology118-302 / 600TH  4:00 PM-7:00 PMMaciaszek, JosephBooksMust register for BIO-235-E50
BIO-235L-E51Lab: Microbiology118-1802 / 600W  6:00 PM-9:00 PMRaffio-Quartz, NancyBooksMust register for BIO-235-E51
CET-115-E51Constr Methods324-917 / 320T  5:30 PM-9:30 PMHall, WarrenBooks 
CHM-101-E51Survey Chem 1324-417 / 519M  6:00 PM-9:00 PMChevere, NestorBooksMust register for CHM-101L-E51
CHM-101-E80Survey Chem 1324-9DISTANCE Greco, RichardBooksMust register for CHM-101L-E80 Web-Assisted
CHM-101L-E51Lab: Survey Chem 1124-517 / 514W  6:00 PM-9:00 PMPszeniczny, MatthewBooksMust register for CHM-101-E51
CHM-101L-E80Lab: Survey Chem 1124-917 / 502T  6:30 PM-9:30 PMGreco, RichardBooksMust register for CHM-101-E80 Web-Assisted
CHM-111-E51Gen Chem 1324-817 / 521M  6:00 PM-9:00 PMChevere, NestorBooksMust register for CHM-111L-E51
CHM-111L-E51Lab: Gen Chem 1124-817 / 506W  6:00 PM-9:00 PMPszeniczny, MatthewBooksMust register for CHM-111-E51
CHM-201-E51Organic Chem 1318-817 / 521T  6:00 PM-9:00 PMDrake, DennisBooksMust register for CHM-201L-E51
CHM-201L-E51Lab: Organic Chem 1118-817 / 523TH  6:00 PM-9:00 PMYim, ChingBooksMust register for CHM-201-E51
CHN-101-E50Elem Chinese 1322-113 / 229W  4:00 PM-7:00 PMHwang, Mei-JuBooks 
CHN-102-E50Elem Chinese 2325-413 / 201T  4:00 PM-7:00 PMHwang, Mei-JuBooks 
CIT-101-E51Info Sys Fund.325-302 / 312W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBooks 
CIT-101-E80Info Sys Fund.325-2DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
CIT-110-E51Intro to Strctd Prg/C#425-202 / 311M  5:45 PM-9:30 PMBooks 
CIT-110-E80Intro to Strctd Prg/C#425-1DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
CIT-120-E51Windows Operating Sys325-202 / 401T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBooks 
CIT-130-E51Unix Operating Systems325-302 / 311W  5:45 PM-8:45 PMBooks 
CIT-140-E80Web Authoring420-2DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
CIT-161-E80Networks 2325-2DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
CIT-215-E80Java Prgrmmng325-0DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
CIT-220-E51Visual Basic .NET424-802 / 311TH  5:45 PM-9:30 PMBooks 
CIT-225-E51Computer Maintenance A+423-102 / 4106:00 PM-9:00 PMBooks 
CMP-098-E51Intro Computers322-002 / 311T  6:00 PM-9:00 PMBooks 
CMP-106-E51Cmptr Basics: Concepts & Apps325-302 / 401TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBooksWaitlist Option
CMP-106-E52Cmptr Basics: Concepts & Apps325-202 / 401W  6:15 PM-6:15 PMBooksWaitlist Option
CMP-106-E53Cmptr Basics: Concepts & Apps325-802 / 401M  6:00 PM-9:00 PMBooksWaitlist Option
CMP-106-E65Cmptr Basics: Concepts & Apps325-102 / 401S  9:00 AM-12:00 PMBooksWaitlist Option
CMP-106-E80Cmptr Basics: Concepts & Apps325-18DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
CMP-106-E81Cmptr Basics: Concepts & Apps325-3DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
CMP-106-E84Cmptr Basics: Concepts & Apps325-0DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
CMP-121-E80Word Processing325-3DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
CMP-122-E80Excel325-3DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
CMP-123-E80Access325-4DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
CMP-124-E80PowerPoint Applications225-3DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
CMP-125-E80Dsktop Publish325-3DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
CMP-250-E80Microsoft Office Cert Prep325-2DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
CRJ-101-E51Intro Crim Just332-217 / 429TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMHebert, DanielBooks 
CRJ-101-E80Intro Crim Just325-3DISTANCE Abel, JoshuaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
CRJ-121-E51Criminal Proc 1332-117 / 429M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMWilliams, HuguetteBooks 
CRJ-121-E80Criminal Proc 1330-2DISTANCE Forni, EricBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
CRJ-122-E80Criminal Proc 2325-6DISTANCE Dupuis, SethBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
CRJ-200-E51Criminal Law 1332-917 / 429W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMHebert, DanielBooks 
CRJ-210-E51Criminal Invest332-1017 / 429T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMRasmussen, JohnBooks 
CSE-140-E51Operating Systems 1320-417 / 621T  5:45 PM-8:00 PMCollins, AndrewBooks 
CSE-140L-E51Lab: Operating Systems 1120-417 / 621T  8:05 PM-9:45 PMCollins, AndrewBooks 
CSE-150-E51Linux Cmd and Shell Prg320-317 / 621M  5:45 PM-8:45 PMRichardson, JeffreyBooks 
CSO-155-E51Cisco Routing&switching314-417 / 621W  5:45 PM-8:00 PMRichardson, JeffreyBooks 
CSO-155L-E51Lab: Cisco Routing&switching114-417 / 621W  8:05 PM-9:45 PMRichardson, JeffreyBooks 
CSO-205-E51Scaling Networks314-317 / 619W  5:45 PM-8:00 PMBigos, EdwardBooks 
CSO-205L-E51Lab: Scaling Networks114-317 / 619W  5:45 PM-9:45 PMBigos, EdwardBooks 
DMP-141-E80Film Structure and Analysis325-9DISTANCE Wakelin, JohnBooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
DRG-091-E51Reading Level 1322-013 / 209TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMJones, PamelaBooks 
DRG-091-E52Reading Level 1322-313 / 325W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMRemillard-Morin, NicoleBooks 
DRG-091-E53Reading Level 1322-113 / 325M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMRemillard-Morin, NicoleBooks 
DRG-091-E80Reading Level 1322-3DISTANCE Newman, JacquelineBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
DRG-092-E51Reading Level 2322-202 / 404W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMMetzger, NatalieBooks 
DRG-092-E52Reading Level 2322-313 / 229TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMMontagna, JenniferBooks 
DRG-092-E53Reading Level 2322-413 / 207T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMMontagna, JenniferBooks 
DRG-092-E80Reading Level 2322-2DISTANCE Rhiannon, KaelanBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
DWT-099-E51Revw/Col Writng322-013 / 211W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMSausville, SherryBooksWaitlist Option
DWT-099-E53Revw/Col Writng322-313 / 213T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMMetzger, NatalieBooksWaitlist Option
DWT-099-E54Revw/Col Writng322-713 / 205M  5:30 PM-8:30 PMShea, TheresaBooksWaitlist Option
DWT-099-E56Revw/Col Writng322-113 / 207TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMCrowley, EdmundBooksWaitlist Option
DWT-099-E57Revw/Col Writng322-213 / 201W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMNewman, JacquelineBooksWaitlist Option
DWT-099-E80Revw/Col Writng322-6DISTANCE Newman, JacquelineBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ECE-101-E51Intr Ear Chi Ed332-513 / 331M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMPead, BeverlyBooks 
ECE-110-E51Child Grow Dev332-213 / 205T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMPead, BeverlyBooks 
ECE-120-E51Early Child Fw1125-613 / 309M  5:00 PM-6:00 PMPead, BeverlyBooks 
ECE-121-E51Early Child Fw2220-513 / 309W  4:15 PM-5:15 PMPead, BeverlyBooks 
ECE-140-E51Child Spec Need332-813 / 223TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBurke, CarolynBooks 
ECE-150-E51Cur Erly Educat325-513 / 329TH  5:30 PM-8:10 PMPead, BeverlyBooks 
ECE-150L-E51 Lab:Cur Erly Educat125-513 / 329TH  8:15 PM-9:15 PMPead, BeverlyBooks 
ECE-220-E51Erlychld Prac 1420-813 / 319W  6:00 PM-9:45 PMMcFadden, GailBooks 
ECN-101-E51Economics 1332-1413 / 207W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMCook, AnthonyBooks 
ECN-101-E65Economics 1332-502 / 203S  9:00 AM-12:00 PMReine, SamarBooks 
ECN-101-E80Economics 1330-15DISTANCE Magala, MichaelBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ECN-102-E51Economics 2332-613 / 231M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMCavallo, JamesBooks 
ECN-102-E80Economics 2330-11DISTANCE Magala, MichaelBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
EET-104-E51Safety & Health in Industry125-120 / 118M  6:00 PM-9:00 PMKurtz, DavidBooks 
EET-105-E51Tech. Diagrams for Automation120-020 / 118M  6:00 PM-9:00 PMKurtz, DavidBooks 
EET-106-E51Dev. Troubleshooting Skills120-020 / 118M  6:00 PM-9:00 PMKurtz, DavidBooks 
EET-110-E51Basic Elec 1220-120 / 117W  6:00 PM-7:40 PMKurtz, DavidBooks 
EET-110L-E51Lab: Basic Elec 1120-120 / 117W  7:45 PM-9:45 PMKurtz, DavidBooks 
EET-140-E51Fundamentals of Robotics215-320 / 118T  6:00 PM-7:40 PMMason, BarryBooks 
EET-140L-E51Lab: Fundamentals of Robotics115-320 / 118T  7:45 PM-9:45 PMMason, BarryBooks 
EET-210-E51Digital and Linear Circuits220-120 / 117TH  6:00 PM-7:40 PMMason, BarryBooks 
EET-210L-E51Lab: Digital & Linear Circuits120-120 / 117TH  7:45 PM-9:45 PMMason, BarryBooks 
EET-265-E51Adv Automation112-120 / 118TH  5:30 PM-6:20 PMJagodowski, RichardBooks 
EET-265L-E51Lab: Adv Automation212-120 / 118TH  6:30 PM-9:00 PMJagodowski, RichardBooks 
ENG-101-E50English Comp 1322-113 / 231TH  4:00 PM-7:00 PMRaschilla, JamesBooksWaitlist Option
ENG-101-E51English Comp 1322-113 / 211M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMJongbloed, PamelaBooksWaitlist Option
ENG-101-E52English Comp 1322-213 / 229T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBarr, WayneBooksWaitlist Option
ENG-101-E53English Comp 1322-213 / 207W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMDragon, JosephBooksWaitlist Option
ENG-101-E54English Comp 1322-1513 / 211TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMShea, TheresaBooksWaitlist Option
ENG-101-E65English Comp 1322-002 / 415S  9:00 AM-12:00 PMTomkiel, CarolBooksWaitlist Option
ENG-101-E81English Comp 1322-4DISTANCE Leonard, EllenBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ENG-101-E84English Comp 1322-7DISTANCE Ford, KarenBooks0NLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ENG-101-E86English Comp 1322-1DISTANCE Lindner, DebraBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ENG-101-E87English Comp 1322-4DISTANCE Stefaniak, JenniferBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ENG-102-E50Comp 2 Intr Lit322-1413 / 225TH  4:00 PM-7:00 PMGrady, JohnBooks 
ENG-102-E51Comp 2 Intr Lit322-1013 / 233T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMWinsper, W. DavidBooks 
ENG-102-E52Comp 2 Intr Lit322-913 / 233W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMWinsper, W. DavidBooks 
ENG-102-E53Comp 2 Intr Lit322-613 / 233M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMSriharan, YasothaBooks 
ENG-102-E65Comp 2 Intr Lit322-202 / 311S  9:00 AM-12:00 PMSarrette, DamianBooks 
ENG-102-E81Comp 2 Intr Lit322-14DISTANCE Jongbloed, PamelaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ENG-102-E82Comp 2 Intr Lit322-8DISTANCE Cook, Mary JaneBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ENG-102-E83Comp 2 Intr Lit322-4DISTANCE Cook, Mary JaneBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ENG-102-E84Comp 2 Intr Lit322-2DISTANCE Crosier, JanetBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ENG-104-E51Tech Rpt Write332-502 / 404M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMMetzger, NatalieBooks 
ENG-104-E80Tech Rpt Write330-19DISTANCE Sias, MarciaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ENG-105-E50Fund of Oral Communication332-413 / 231T  4:00 PM-7:00 PMJohnson, F. DavisBooks 
ENG-105-E51Fund of Oral Communication332-1113 / 327W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMJones, PamelaBooks 
ENG-210-E51American Literature 1332-813 / 209T  6:00 PM-9:00 PMShea, TheresaBooks 
ENG-210-E80American Literature 1330-8DISTANCE Lindner, DebraBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ENG-225-E50Children's Lit332-313 / 225M  4:00 PM-7:00 PMAndrew, KathleenBooks 
ENG-225-E80Children's Lit330-15DISTANCE Crosier, JanetBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ENG-230-E80Women in Lit330-8DISTANCE Lindner, DebraBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
ENT-101-E80Intr/Entrprnshp330-1DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
ESL-084-E51Intmd ESL Grammar322-013 / 301TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBooks 
ESL-086-E51Intermediate ESL Writing322-013 / 301M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBooks 
ESL-088-E51Intmd ESL Reading322-013 / 301T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBooks 
ESL-094-E51Adv ESL Grammar322-213 / 319T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBooks 
ESL-096-E51Adv ESL Writing322-213 / 319M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBooks 
ESL-098-E51Adv ESL Reading322-213 / 319TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBooks 
EST-100-E51Theory/Controls320-032 / 104T  6:00 PM-9:00 PMBooks 
EST-102-E51Eng Sys Lab 1122-032 / 104TH  6:00 PM-6:50 PMBooks 
EST-102L-E51Lab: Eng Sys Lab 1120-032 / 104TH  6:55 PM-9:45 PMBooks 
EST-200-E51Prin of Refrig222-032 / 101W  6:00 PM-7:30 PMSiciliano, MichaelBooks 
EST-200L-E51Lab: Prin of Refrig120-032 / 101W  7:35 PM-9:00 PMSiciliano, MichaelBooks 
EST-202-E51Power Plant Operations320-132 / 101M  6:00 PM-9:00 PMNetherwood, AndrewBooks 
FIN-101-E51Intro to Fin332-1302 / 416T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMNostin, ThomasBooks 
FIN-101-E80Intro to Fin330-4DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
FRE-101-E51Elem French 1322-213 / 201T  6:00 PM-9:00 PMKundl, NancyBooks 
FST-101-E90Fire Protc/Prvn432-213 / 111T  6:00 PM-9:45 PMBrandoli, LaurenceBooks 
FST-110-E90Bldg Construct332-802 / 418M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMRichards, EdwardBooks 
FST-131-E90Adv Prot Sys332-1202 / 403TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBuonome, PeterBooks 
FST-230-E90Hazardous Mtrls332-702 / 418W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMRichards, EdwardBooks 
GAT-122-E51Digital Workflow220-115 / 303W  6:15 PM-8:00 PMMisco, DanielBooks 
GAT-122L-E51Lab: Digital Workflow120-115 / 303W  8:05 PM-9:15 PMMisco, DanielBooks 
GAT-160-E51Intro Web Dsgn220-215 / 302T  6:15 PM-8:00 PMScully, SuzanneBooks 
GAT-160L-E51Lab: Web Dsgn/Dvlpmt120-215 / 302T  8:05 PM-9:15 PMScully, SuzanneBooks 
GAT-162-E51Dig Img-Photoshop220-015 / 302M  6:15 PM-8:00 PMZarlengo, ChrisBooks 
GAT-162L-E51Lab: Dig Img Prep120-015 / 302M  8:05 PM-9:15 PMZarlengo, ChrisBooks 
GAT-171-E51DSLR Photography320-015 / 301TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMLangone, JamesBooks 
GAT-260-E51Digital Presswork212-114 / 207M  6:15 PM-7:55 PMMisco, DanielBooks 
GAT-260L-E51Lab: Digital Presswork112-114 / 207M  8:00 PM-9:15 PMMisco, DanielBooks 
GAT-261-E51Electronic Publication236-115 / 301TH  6:15 PM-7:55 PMZarlengo, ChrisBooks 
GAT-261L-E51Lab: Elec Publicat120-115 / 302TH  8:00 PM-9:15 PMZarlengo, ChrisBooks 
HIS-100-E80Early W Civ330-6DISTANCE Duffy, DanBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
HIS-110-E51Early Us History/Govt.330-1402 / 316T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMVossen, SteveBooks 
HIS-110-E81Early Us History/Govt.330-20DISTANCE Diffley, JohnBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
HIS-111-E80Mod Us History330-10DISTANCE Guillory, J AnthonyBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
HIS-121-E65History of Witchcraft and Supe332-602 / 416S  9:00 AM-12:00 PMVossen, SteveBooks 
HIS-125-E51The Holocaust332-302 / 316TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMVossen, SteveBooks 
HIT-110-E51Health Office Basics323-502 / 314T  5:30 PM-8:30 PMBooks 
HIT-122-E51Intro to Procedural Coding325-802 / 314TH  5:30 PM-8:30 PMBooks 
HIT-125-E51Health Information Management320-902 / 312TH  5:30 PM-8:30 PMCorcoran, LouiseBooks 
HIT-130-E80Electronic Health Record230-14DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
HIT-206-E80Prep Cca Exam130-9DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
HIT-255-E51Law and Ethics in Hc325-1402 / 314W  5:30 PM-8:30 PMBooks 
ITL-101-E51Elem Ital 1322-213 / 223W  6:16 PM-9:15 PMBerard, TheresaBooks 
LAN-115-E51Prsntatn Tech318-117 / 316M  6:00 PM-6:50 PMMeaney, LoriBooks 
LAW-214-E51Bus Law Essentials332-702 / 205TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBooks 
LAW-214-E80Bus Law Essentials330-6DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
MAT-078-E51Pre-Algebra322-017 / 401TH  6:00 PM-9:00 PMYapo, AlphonseBooksWaitlist Option
MAT-078-E52Pre-Algebra322-017 / 414M  6:00 PM-9:00 PMGagnon, JeffBooksWaitlist Option
MAT-078-E53Pre-Algebra322-417 / 405W  6:00 PM-9:00 PMBurns, RichardBooksWeb Assisted Course. Requirement: MyMathLab Software. Waitlist Option
MAT-078-E54Pre-Algebra322-217 / 406T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMHaddad, ZahiBooksWaitlist Option
MAT-078-E55Pre-Algebra322-017 / 406M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMHaddad, ZahiBooksWaitlist Option
MAT-078-E80Pre-Algebra322-2DISTANCE Kinsman, JulianneBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MAT-078-E82Pre-Algebra322-2DISTANCE Haddad, ZahiBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MAT-078-E83Pre-Algebra322-0DISTANCE Kinsman, JulianneBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MAT-087-E51Algebra I322-217 / 433M  6:00 PM-9:00 PMCharwick, BruceBooksWaitlist Option
MAT-087-E52Algebra I322-317 / 401W  6:00 PM-9:00 PMRoosa, DouglasBooksWaitlist Option
MAT-087-E53Algebra I322-717 / 405T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMRamah, JamesBooksWaitlist Option
MAT-087-E54Algebra I325-317 / 418TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMRamah, JamesBooksWaitlist Option
MAT-087-E65Algebra I322-202 / 403S  9:00 AM-12:00 PMTilley, DavidBooksWaitlist Option
MAT-087-E80Algebra I322-1DISTANCE Haddad, ZahiBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MAT-087-E81Algebra I322-5DISTANCE Snyder, DianeBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MAT-097-E51Algebra II322-217 / 408W  6:00 PM-9:00 PMRoberts, DonaldBooksWaitlist Option
MAT-097-E53Algebra II322-317 / 404TH  6:00 PM-9:00 PMGroeneveld, MyrtaBooksWaitlist Option
MAT-097-E54Algebra II322-117 / 314T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMSilvestri, AntonioBooksWeb Assisted Course. Requirement: MyMathLab Software. Waitlist Option
MAT-097-E81Algebra II322-5DISTANCE Kinsman, JulianneBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MAT-097-E84Algebra II322-16DISTANCE Hill, VanessaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MAT-115-E51Statistics332-917 / 314TH  6:00 PM-9:00 PMUshe, FidesBooks 
MAT-115-E52Statistics332-417 / 319M  6:00 PM-9:00 PMUshe, FidesBooks 
MAT-115-E80Statistics330-30DISTANCE Magnier, Jean-MarieBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MAT-122-E51Applied Math 1332-617 / 433W  6:00 PM-9:00 PMSkaza, SydneyBooks 
MAT-122-E80Applied Math 1330-11DISTANCE Bedinelli, DonnaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MAT-124-E51Tech Math 1432-917 / 404T  5:45 PM-9:30 PMGroeneveld, MyrtaBooks 
MAT-124-E52Tech Math 1432-917 / 406M  5:45 PM-9:30 PMMcDonald, JamesBooks 
MAT-124-E80Tech Math 1430-17DISTANCE Brewer, LaurenBooksRequirement: MyMathLab software. ONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MAT-125-E51Tech Math 2432-217 / 406TH  5:45 PM-9:30 PMHaddad, ZahiBooks 
MAT-125-E80Tech Math 2430-10DISTANCE Brewer, LaurenBooksRequirement: MyMathLab software. ONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MAT-127-E80Calc 1-BUS/SOC330-1DISTANCE Magnier, Jean-MarieBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MAT-131-E51Calculus I432-817 / 408MTH  6:00 PM-9:00 PMBurns, RichardBooks 
MAT-233-E80Calculus III435-1DISTANCE Burns, RichardBooksONLINE LEARNING. Waitlist Option
MAT-240-E80Linear Algebra330-2DISTANCE Magnier, Jean-MarieBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MAT-255-E81Diff Equations430-7DISTANCE Bedinelli, DonnaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MED-100-E80Medical Term 1330-16DISTANCE Howell, SandraBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MED-100-E81Medical Term 1330-2DISTANCE Howell, SandraBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MED-102-E80Human Body/Health & Disease330-4DISTANCE Martin-Griffin, TammyBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MED-115-E80Pharmacology330-3DISTANCE Przybylowicz, TerryBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MET-101-E51Intro Engineering Tech220-617 / 509T  6:00 PM-7:55 PMTvrdik, BarryBooks 
MET-101L-E51Lab: Intro Engineering Tech120-617 / 509T  8:00 PM-9:45 PMTvrdik, BarryBooks 
MET-120-E51Metro & Geomtrc220-9TPRK / 111TH  6:00 PM-7:55 PMRowley, MichaelBooks 
MET-120L-E51Lab: Metro & Geomtrc120-9TPRK / 111TH  8:00 PM-9:45 PMRowley, MichaelBooks 
MET-130-E51CAM I320-7TPRK / 111W  6:00 PM-9:15 PMParnell, SeanBooks 
MET-150-E51Fundamntls/Cnc210-2TPRK / 111T  6:00 PM-7:55 PMGendreau, JosephBooks 
MET-150-E52Fundamntls/Cnc210-2TPRK / 111W  6:00 PM-7:55 PMMinor, ThomasBooks 
MET-150L-E51Lab: Fundamntls/Cnc110-2TPRK / 111T  8:00 PM-9:45 PMGendreau, JosephBooks 
MET-150L-E52Lab: Fundamntls/Cnc110-2TPRK / 111W  7:50 PM-9:45 PMMinor, ThomasBooks 
MET-160-E51Eng Graphics W/ Solid Works220-217 / 513TH  6:00 PM-7:55 PMHosmer, DavidBooks 
MET-160L-E51Lab: Eng Graph W/ Solid Works120-2TPRK / 114TH  8:00 PM-9:45 PMHosmer, DavidBooks 
MET-161-E51Solid Model/Mech Des. 1320-317 / 517W  6:00 PM-7:55 PMLaDuke, DominicBooks 
MET-161L-E51Lab: Solid Modeling Mech Dsn1120-317 / 517W  8:00 PM-9:45 PMLaDuke, DominicBooks 
MET-180-E51Mech CAD:2D Fundamentals420-017 / 517M  6:00 PM-9:45 PMJoyal, MatthewBooks 
MET-224-E51Stat/Strgth Mat420-917 / 629TH  6:00 PM-9:45 PMTvrdik, BarryBooks 
MET-227-E51Quality Concept232-502 / 400M  6:00 PM-7:50 PMMacKay, StevenBooks 
MET-227L-E51Lab: Quality Concept132-502 / 400M  7:55 PM-9:45 PMMacKay, StevenBooks 
MET-261-E51Solid Modeling Mech Des220-217 / 513M  6:00 PM-7:55 PMLaDuke, DominicBooks 
MET-261L-E51Lab: Solid Mod/Mech Des 2220-217 / 513M  8:00 PM-9:45 PMLaDuke, DominicBooks 
MGT-101-E51Prin of Mgmt332-302 / 201W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBooks 
MGT-101-E80Prin of Mgmt330-15DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
MGT-230-E51Business Ethics332-1002 / 416M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBooks 
MGT-260-E80Orgnztnal Behvr330-20DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
MKT-101-E51Prin of Mrkt332-202 / 403T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBooks 
MKT-101-E81Prin of Mrkt330-12DISTANCE BooksWaitlist Option
MKT-260-E80Consum Behav330-9DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
MUS-101-E51Music Appre 1332-313 / 111TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMSzlosek, ElaineBooks 
MUS-101-E80Music Appre 1330-18DISTANCE Evarts, LorenBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MUS-120-E80History of Music330-10DISTANCE Evarts, LorenBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
MUS-122-E80History of Rock330-13DISTANCE Evarts, LorenBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
OIT-100-E51Basic Keybrding123-002 / 400TH  6:00 PM-8:00 PMBooks 
OIT-100-E80Basic Keybrding125-11DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option
OIT-101-E51Keyboarding313-202 / 312M  6:00 PM-9:00 PMBooks 
OIT-111-E51Communications/Editing 2313-302 / 312W  6:00 PM-9:00 PMBooks 
OIT-130-E51Office Mgmt Proc & Theory313-102 / 300TH  6:00 PM-9:00 PMBooks 
PHL-101-E51Int to Phlosphy332-317 / 437T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMCamerota, NicholasBooks 
PHL-101-E52Int to Phlosphy332-417 / 401M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMTravis, ArthurBooks 
PHL-110-E80World Religions330-23DISTANCE Meccouri, LindaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
PHY-105-E80Physical Sci 1324-3DISTANCE Washburn, BarbaraBooksMust register for PHY-105L-E80
PHY-105L-E80Lab: Physical Sci 1124-317 / 609W  5:30 PM-8:30 PMWashburn, BarbaraBooksMust register for PHY-105-E80
PHY-221-E51Physics 1324-417 / 614T  6:00 PM-9:00 PMDayton, JohnBooksMust register for PHY-221L-E51
PHY-221L-E51Lab: Physics 1124-417 / 609TH  6:00 PM-9:00 PMDayton, JohnBooksMust register for PHY-221-E51
PSC-101-E80PS1:Am Gv/Pol 1330-1DISTANCE Duffy, DanBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
PSY-101-E50Gen Psychology332-117 / 102W  4:00 PM-7:00 PMGuerra, JohnBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-E51Gen Psychology332-717 / 403T  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBrown, EricBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-E52Gen Psychology332-617 / 102M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMGuerra, JohnBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-E53Gen Psychology332-202 / 416TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMPercy, ChristopherBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-E65Gen Psychology332-302 / 204S  9:00 AM-12:00 PMRamos, TracyBooksWaitlist Option
PSY-101-E84Gen Psychology330-21DISTANCE Peters, LindaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
PSY-101-E85Gen Psychology330-1DISTANCE Peters, LindaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
PSY-200-E51Child Psych332-413 / 325T  6:00 PM-9:00 PMBooks 
PSY-210-E50Human Grwth/Dev332-813 / 213TH  5:30 PM-8:30 PMCarra, BrettBooks 
PSY-210-E65Human Grwth/Dev332-702 / 316S  9:00 AM-12:00 PMBrown, EricBooks 
PSY-210-E80Human Grwth/Dev330-14DISTANCE Przybylowicz, TerryBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
PSY-210-E82Human Grwth/Dev330-9DISTANCE Rice, NanBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
PSY-230-E51Prin Nor/Abn Be332-1617 / 102TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMGuerra, JohnBooks 
PSY-230-E52Prin Nor/Abn Be332-013 / 213W  6:00 PM-9:00 PMSabato, RobertBooks 
PSY-230-E81Prin Nor/Abn Be332-10DISTANCE Rice, NanBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
PSY-230-E82Prin Nor/Abn Be335-0DISTANCE Rice, NanBooks 
PSY-230-E83Prin Nor/Abn Be325-4DISTANCE Peters, LindaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
PSY-240-E80Intro to Forensic Psychology330-11DISTANCE Tirado, BrendaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
RCH-100-E51Basic Research125-527 / 246M  4:15 PM-6:15 PMWarren, EricBooks 
SOC-101-E50Intro to Soc332-1213 / 211T  4:00 PM-7:00 PMCantor, ElisabethBooks 
SOC-101-E51Intro to Soc332-617 / 437W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMGioscia, VincentBooks 
SOC-101-E65Intro to Soc332-302 / 201S  9:00 AM-12:00 PMCook, AnthonyBooks 
SOC-101-E81Intro to Soc330-14DISTANCE Vigorita, ValerieBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
SOC-101-E83Intro to Soc330-12DISTANCE Defillipo, GloriaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
SOC-200-E51Social Problems332-617 / 403TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMStephenson, AmyBooks 
SOC-200-E80Social Problems330-2DISTANCE Vigorita, ValerieBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
SOC-200-E81Social Problems330-5DISTANCE Carreiro, JoshuaBooksONLINE LEARNING Waitlist Option
SOC-205-E51Soc of Family332-413 / 111W  6:15 PM-9:15 PMBrandoli, LaurenceBooks 
SPN-101-E51Elem Span 1322-1213 / 327M  6:15 PM-9:15 PMZenor, JeanBooks 
SPN-102-E51Elem Span 2322-613 / 333TH  6:15 PM-9:15 PMMavrelion, CleoBooks 
VRT-101-E80Intro to Virtual Asst.330-1DISTANCE BooksOnline Learning Waitlist Option